but responsible for warning of many places

May 21 [Tue], 2013, 17:46
Plan to set, the whole body is up and running,Oakley Sunglasses Scalpel, although the number of military group is the largest in groups, but responsible for warning of many places,Air Jordan 10 Sale, so the only mobilized thirty people attended, the rest of the people transferred from other group. (read novels to vertex novel nets) they were on shore to work doing dull at home, this time to go to war to picnic and relax, everybody enthusiastically, soon had more than one, some people know the news of late, to found the quota is full, hurried to the trustee to speak at. A time of Wu De, he Ming the dormitory front bustling. Wu De among the people screened a physique weaker, master, a unique technology, the age slants big, all don't, as long as the young and strong. A total of one hundred soldiers selected. Because the opponent is the main use of cold weapons, armor is very important, ten in preparation for the delivery charges and assault commando each a police riot gear, but also with the ten riot shield, although it can not withstand the modern rifle shooting, retaining the soil gun bows or no problem. Wu Nanhai women's organizations and agricultural groups all do dry food, all food production because he was a negative result, finally by the Cao mother suggested, if go to one or two days, not stored for a long time, simply do flapjack, oil and salt,Oakley Monster Dog Outlet, save one or two days will not degenerate. So by her demonstration, a group of people tune batter, cut the onion, the fire. Quickly prepare a hundred catties flapjack, filled with new basket, starting from cattle with the team. Agricultural group with a support group, with cattle carry a water pot, cooking pot and some extra food. Health groups have also organized health team, with various emergency surgical instruments and medical supplies, they are the best of all the staff in treatment, with an agricultural vehicle. Health centers in the city of 100 yards, ready to work the surgical operation. Reconnaissance team before the brigade, a small hill second day a black carry radio in outside the village opened the forward command post. Six snipers from military group selection also travel with, Wu De let a sniper with two scouts, divided into six groups, distributed in the surrounding Chuang-tzu, to control the access of people: his command is very simple, Gou Jia Zhuang Xujin forbid out from the front gate, trying out of the trap capture, jump out all shot. The completely isolated. The snipers are used in Saiga - 308 rifle, a semi-automatic rifle that uses 7.62mm Nato bombs both range and power are suitable for the task, with the sight of specialized, one kilometer outside a living is not a problem. Command the action of Wu De first, then he put the sniper team sent out, in command of the fishing and sat down on the chair. This command is only a piece of open space opened out in the woods, all around the barbed wire. The tent with a shaded lamp, Xue Ziliang draw the picture of the situation and the surrounding topography enlarged spread out on a folding table. Next to a radio 15W, positive light flashes and 100 yards city keep in touch. Night brigade troops arriving, scattered hidden in the hillside. The first organized night group >
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