was developed in one point one

May 22 [Wed], 2013, 17:41
The 151st chapter in too much of a guide, three people, is the delay, soon Jun finally completed the final transformation, the ashes are successful, a huge three gold black on the historical stage. At the moment the candle nine y ī n face s è become very y ī n sink, oneself still underestimate the demon clan, thousand million balance calculation are not achieved, see Jun ashes success, gas Shi Sheng demon clan, and for the people heart to become heavy, the situation began to develop the family of the negative direction. Candle nine y ī n knows he can't wait, otherwise the group is worse,Coach Online Outlet, he had to reverse the situation, one winner in front of the four, only then have been able to deter others. "Die!" Candle nine y ī n will finally Shinto by force into itself, when the strength of Shinto method are blessings, candle nine y ī n once again feel the strong, the whole people into an excited state, each of his fist hit all best efforts, each blow the power to a strong than a punch, punch after punch,oakley sunglasses sale, with a very strong majesty bomb to too a candle, nine y ī n this one only finds one too. A punch after punch to make candle bombardment of nine y ī n body with a feeling of porch. This was before he did not feel, though the candle nine y ī n bombardment is very simple, just the usual bombardment, but that feeling is very important, and put him on the killing and fighting all come out. The 'time' of the body,Outlet Coach, the candle nine y ī n but without regard to bang out of everything, don't worry about their own will be Jun, joint injury, is cited, put one's heart and soul into attack. With the passage of time candle nine y ī n felt the blood flow in the smooth and straight, his potential was developed in one point one, systemic blood was surging up, such as the Yangtze river rushing torrent general up, has become more and more strong, a unit intended to kill as essence through body general out, the body around the atmosphere became overbearing and clinking, fighting and killing off Dou xiao. Under the influence of fighting and killing, candle nine y ī n God heart beating fast, a lot of destruction breathing into his blood, the destruction of breath by spirits from his body gradually spread out. Diffuse the body into a very strong destruction and. In this world, only a few practice body, like the candle nine y ī n Shinto and flesh people that he is the only one God, the beating heart to the Shinto method is changed, there is a need to integrate into the candle nine y ī n flesh. Unfortunately, now the candle nine y ī n is at war, no time to stop and reflect, have no time to feel all this change, only to miss the opportunity. To know the Shinto method is such change that is in the return of the origin, if the Shinto method are reintegrated into the candle nine y ī n physical body, the Shinto method are all power will be the flesh absorption, can let the candle nine y ī n completed a power accumulation, can let him break now realm. Of course, if the candle nine y ī n only this time accumulation can complete the accumulation of mana is >
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