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Five hundred and seventeenth chapter caught them Chuyun l vigilant sat up, thinking fast to Ding Yan Today is not still lying? However, Ding Yan as we have to lie to myself, why should dismantle Hwan Taiwan? What are the benefits for he can? The same as the fire nation, this is not plausible. This requires a high sense, but unfortunately he did not, except to the Ding Yan Shame to swallow. Limited time, Chu Yun-l can only think of two possibilities. First, Ding Yan in the flicker themselves, their purpose is to draw attention to just Shame discovered that the people behind, and the reason why Shame scuffle in just to get this strange message, it is likely also Ding Yan can be arranged, otherwise Ding Yan said, the man high IQ, and how will own vent lù out? It is a possibility. Another, also very likely, Ding Yan's words half-truths, take quasi will not believe his own mind, say something true story to mislead themselves, push themselves to another design, one he does Now no ability to analyze out of the trap. Suddenly, Chu Yun-l is unable to determine that a reasonable judgment, he has too little information. "Multi-family is not able to fire tribe, Huan sacrifice they simply will not feel bad." Chuyun l have not thought too long, some things just as Ding Yan said, thinking a high enough level, that is useless to spend more time, he also does not care for Ding Yan manifested no longer trust. The so-called, lies every day, do not listen to nature without "I hear War ever mentioned, and more able than five clan and tribe, when the man of God to resist the emergence of a branch, hopes means through foreign objects, that is, technological ability to fight God control of the human spirit, and the ability of Shame similar, but different, can not compare in Huangshan, you can more clearly the ability of families, which I will not say more. "Ding Yan spoke a topic, while another thing that says, "one mind" ability, pour Chuyun l can not learn, for making him, over his head would mess. But this, he thought of another question, the original monument in the city of Nanking, the early dark, when Professor Fang's head on the spot by its thorns jī over, yelling, and now Ding Yan said so, but why he himself has not much sense? Is it because people do? The reason why he remembered it, because Ke Linna had touched his sentence, actually referred to this dark stone Atlantis even almost always to the point of extinction, to escape that part of the expenses, even still struggling to find a dark stone clues until death must still refused to give up and leave a great deal about the contact they had with the monument of the information. Of course, knowledge of the unknown Ke Linna on stone tablets, or they are fundamentally intentional city of Nanking when the stone thing almost no secret to keep, her words, only mentioned Atlantis people want from the stone tablet found the secret of immortality. But Chuyun l, the meaning is completely different, in addition to stone, no one else can judge overturned his predecessor's "death" after all, even the seniors are not quite sure what to say and if he can have a chance of survival , then this is the only monument of. This time, Ding Yan stopped pen, Chuyun l hanging head sweep, read: Chu, whether you believe it or not, the fact is that, twenty years ago, the man in the bush city confirmed your identity, and then It went to the capital at the time because it offered advice, and more able to succeed Truman family and will you deceive the island, and now the clouds were a group of fools will Laputa it as a confrontation with the baby. Chu, I am here today, would like to explain to you what is not, nor is it to say something to win your sympathy, or ask you to forgive what you have been living in their own world, refusing to recognize the reality, this is a dark age , everyone should bear great pain and trauma, not just your one I have my responsibility, you also have your responsibility. However, you may have never thought about that when you inherit that book to bring you the supreme force at the same time, the same book will also inherited the pain, trauma and loneliness. God is fair, nothing comes without a price. You enjoy its outcome, but refused willing to bear the cost of it,Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Canvas Online, this is your source of pain. We are old, no longer that young wanton ideal, Chu, if you still the same as before, always entangled in what you think is a mistake, those minutiae, then you even to death, nor can not jump out of your own le neck pain to live their own rope. Chu, I know you're looking for rebels, if Atlantis who left those things that can help you solve your problems now, I will secretly arranged to help you. Edgar also unto them, and if he can wake up and he will tell you what I have said is true or false. Why you have not thought that "accidental" encounter them, if not our arrangement, forces that point they could not have lived to see you if you want to kill me, now, or at any time, I will wait for you, because You saved my life, but I will resist, because I have my responsibility, I owe you my life, not the entire city of Nanking's life, if I die, they will sooner or later become a slave to the recovery of people with hwan,Oakley Scalpel Sale, guinea pigs. Jinling city because you can have fried grave, they pay for the Chu aunt countless lives, and now, if you have to kill them for revenge, I will fight to the death for their stint with you in the end Chu aunt is very good, because they are do not want to see more people to die, chose to commit suicide, you have to hate, hate me, because only I know they will really be suicide Chu, you do not know what we have been shared with us over What did the fire tribe and clan ice with hand open space channel, the city of Nanking is sucked into it, that place is not a bug in the world, so far I do not know the outside world mostly rumors say we deliberately go out, because we are fundamentally dared How far away city of Nanking range. There are all dead creatures, like a graveyard, like heaven and earth filled with Sharen chill, even infested insect insects are struggling to capture every moment does not want to escape the chill as the city of Nanking habitat In the most critical time, there was a haunted cemetery to find a mí desolate soul hún Giants helped us, but at the cost of one hundred thousand lives to pay it the city of Nanking all its people were later informed me killed, and you know why? Because of its overwhelming those crazy worms only a sword and that sword, and when you are in Sichuan resorted to exactly the same so clearly, this is not your war write no less, and finally, if you have time, go to see Yao Xiang bar, since King Tim's death, he and like you, have been living in guilt and pain, others are married and have children, and only he had lived guarding Tim King's house,Louis Vuitton Online, a gatekeeper is twenty After many years of his heart to the brink of collapse, and I worried that he saw you after this time will commit suicide. Ding Yan gone, burned the piece of paper filled with writing, Chu Yun-l long standing alone before the window, silent. Ding Yan said that everything is true? For him in the end is the city of Nanking grace, or hatred? Seniors in stone in which sigh, because he had expected to get the final ancient people, have to bear the loneliness, pain and trauma you? Who is their real enemy? What he has done, but also play into the hands of people that mysterious middle do? What is the significance of all that there is? After a long time, he opened the door, lonely, said: "Kelin Na, Qin generals took me to see it." Wuran, he felt Edgar say what is no longer important, he wanted to hide, far to escape this complex world, let him physically and mentally exhausted world. But he must tǐng straight backs, can not fall whether or not his war, he would have caught them. And Qinqi Ying's meeting was the era of the sun in a museum, which things did not burned, naturally, has long been plundered an empty Seve ear, in addition to clean the walls, had not left anything. A military uniform Qinqi Ying has a wisp of hair on the hair legible, printed on the traces of the passage of time, standing empty dàngdàng museum hall, solitary solitary. Kelin Na left in the door, though the man was a royal family, but now his position is not comparable in the two halls. "Edgar how kind?" Chuyun l stopped far, not too close, the passage of Love will make him even more gloomy mood. He forced himself to keep war. "We save wake him, perhaps you have a way." Qin Qiying do not know why, do not want to seem too close distance Chuyun liters, far across the distance, said. "When I saw him say it." Chuyun l shook his head, and he did not dare to guarantee that resuscitated Edgar, now even he would know how faint mí, Chen Sheng said: "My condition, Kelin Na should have told you now, how did you consider? "Anyway, Ding Yan know they have to see the rebels, and they Chuyun l do not care to be tapped, and everyone MingMian Come" As long as you make sure he is no awakening human beings, there is no problem in principle, willing to fully support the rebels a real human. commander just hope you can base a trip as soon as possible, he would like to see you have some top-secret information to personally tell you that I do not have permission to understand content , he, he was dying, the doctor said support, but this month, "Qin Qiying nodded gravely said. "Tomorrow, starting now, tonight, I have some things need to be arranged." Chuyun l turned and walked toward the outside. He shall see hwan, destined to be a sleepless night tonight. "Chu, Qin wrong in fact -" Qin Qiying suddenly raised his head, hesitated road. Chu Yun l waved, do not want to listen. ^ RO @.
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