Fu is a very taboo thing. "

June 08 [Sat], 2013, 17:28
The 261st chapter, surprised out in a cold sweat is speaking, m é n came in a middle-aged man,Oakley Store, Wang Lin hurried and rose up to go to his coat, wearing Balloonflower also cried dad. Yang Zixuan knows this is the wearing of Platycodon grandiflorum father, CCB wearing m é ng de. And wearing a self-supporting scholar temperament, wearing a m é ng de grow tall, looks very aggressive x ì ng, very strong. Yang Zixuan sat down opposite, Yang Zixuan quickly got up and say hello, wearing a m é ng De also seemed not to see, eat breakfast together directly, let Yang Zixuan embarrassed. It seems that both wear m é ng de Wang Lin, doesn't treat yourself, Yang Zixuan slowly sat down, but it is a good thing, as long as a m é ng de two couples don't like him, the wear of Platycodon grandiflorum and could not marry myself. "Now where were we?" Dai Zili picked up the table tea drink. "When it comes to the macroeconomic regulation and control." With Platycodon grandiflorum is ears to listen to a conversation between two people just now. With Platycodon grandiflorum in Hainan is Cao to several companies, operating with a lot of hot money from outside the island, a joint-stock banks, city credit cooperatives, rural credit cooperatives, trust companies, financial companies,Oakley Polarized Sunglasses, large state-owned enterprises, township enterprises and private capital as well as a multitude of names of the funds, so the words of Yang Zixuan is also very concerned about. "Do you think if there is a macro-control, will be issued at any time?" Wear own interesting watching Yang Zixuan asked. Yang Zixuan smiled, if in accordance with the steps of history view, macro-control should be at the end of the month, but also ten days from now the distance. Yang Zixuan also vaguely remember past the State Council at the end of the month, suddenly blew the final whistle, let many holding housing people can sell their houses. The State Council in charge of the work of the deputy prime minister, to form a speech, announced the termination of the Real Estate Company is listed, the overall control of bank funds into the real estate industry. Real estate fever with vigour and vitality, drop, followed by the State Council cloth Macro-control Legislation documents,. Monetary tightening is comprehensive, the netbsp road stride forward singing militant songs of Hainan real estate hot Dayton; but Yang Zixuan did not know about the world will not change because of my own, do not know the State Council suddenly macro-control will really like the past as issued daily established. "The specific time, I wouldn't bet on it, but, at present, the problem has become very serious, I estimate that at least 10 days, more than one or two months, must have a macro-control measures" Yang Zixuan smile. A m é ng de drunk a cup of bovine Nai, brush the mouth with napkin, smiled grimly: "bullshit" Yang Zixuan s è calm face, also not angry,Oakley Monster Dog, quietly drinking a cup of tea, put on it is beginning to slowly changed on Yang Zixuan view, the Xiao is a shrewd and endurance, is his brother is not so rebuke face s è. "Don't know president Dai think I where is it?" Yang Zixuan also not resigned to playing second fiddle counterattack. A m é ng de cold hum 1: "the country really to macro-control, do you think it's possible with our four state-owned banks through ventilation? Macro-control.
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