physique instantly disappeared in both

August 17 [Sat], 2013, 15:17
"If you leave the palace" in the palace if Shaw had just reached an agreement with the Rams from the time the new moon princess anxious voice over. Rams Shaw nodded: "Rainbow, you took him to the dormitory and junior classes report it just you just left off, there is no better time to see the new moon, and she's tight, but I would think you one step ahead." Yanba, physique instantly disappeared in both of them. Crescent hear the sound of my heart is a little away from the palace feel better if some of this violence seems quite generous woman, at least she did not give up their own, although to a relatively late. "Cousin, or else give you a little chance to be alone?" Look away from the palace if the Huo Tianhong a road. Huotian Hong sè face flushed, but it is positive sè said: "MAN, should first career, after married, so I serve the empire, will marry Fengfengguangguang crescent interlude" "cut" from the palace if contempt and said: "Cousin ah, have to say, you're a genius practice areas, but the feelings in this regard, you still have to learn more and cousin, Oh, well, it is too esoteric, and later teach you in a little bit of" words strike, mouth shouted: "sister moon, I am here," Soon, the new moon will be panting ran over to see handsome Huotian Hong, face suddenly Dangqi trace of blush, the sense of momentum is the convergence valiant up, as if a meek little sheep in general, and whispered: "Huo Big Brother," "Ouch, scream really affectionate, sister, do you want to think about it, and now I still small, but after some years later, a certain handsome than he, but do not regret it, "the palace said if from the seriousness. "Go" is from the palace if teasing, moon face sè add a little more flush, stared fiercely immediately if from a palace, bowed his head. Huotian Hong is also the subject smiled and said: "New Moon, I just just left off, we can see that they are looking for wind shaoqing cousin's trouble on the way to help him," this is the two will be ready before the rhetoric, explained after completing Huotian Hong crescent not wait to speak again, and immediately continued: "If we get away with it the way took him to the dormitory junior class report" "ah," New Moon abnormal nodded politely, Let palace away amazed if a woman is a strange animal. Moment, Huotian Hong palace with crescent if off with a clear understanding of the dormitory of the road, packed everything, they go in the direction toward the junior class. This year's junior class, sixty-eight among students already have most of the students are entered into the first grade, leaving only thirteen people, is not reached ground level an order cultivation, and continue to repeat. And among this group of freshmen, but also has been allocated over 53 people, so the primary class size, and again increased to 66 people. At this point the junior class classroom sixty six students have been filled, North static positions that are convex figure, standing on the podium Qiaosheng Sheng, prompting the following students have burst reverie. Glancing Beicang quiet following students can not help but Daimeiweizhou: "That kid is not how come?" But soon relieved, he kind of genius, I am afraid that the Rams will focus on training principals it is estimated not to the primary classes the. Positive thought years,Hybridge Hoody Men Sale, a classroom door was open, and soon, a handsome but happens to people angry faces appeared in the North Wharf static and sixty-five student's eyes. "I'm sorry, the beautiful teacher, I'm late, on the way out of some things, delay a moment," the palace said if sincere from the bow, but it is in a beautiful teacher flew a special meaning in the eyes. Beicang static saw his eyes, can not help but frown, serious and said: "Go back to write a check to me, the first day of school will be late, the next non-recidivism, as well, call me later Beicang teacher" is one such woman, If you did not come away from the palace, she looking forward to be able to see him, and from the palace if suddenly appeared, she began deliberately finding fault. "Yes, the beautiful teacher, I know that I can now go in it? Beautiful teacher" is still totally away from the palace if not feel said. Beicang static heard while silent, but in front of a congregation newborn's face, not a lot to say, also charged with this matter up. But this episode is so many of my classmates took down from the palace if the name, of course, among the crowd, there are some few sharp eyes. In the palace from abnormal if keen spiritual sense, nature is aware that these few bad eyes, these people should expect is less wind and the wind shaoqing two brothers with the eagle, or the first time we met, it was resolved to not so to see him. See if the palace was finally quiet down from the north static positions also miss this rare opportunity to explain a lot of the current torrent of college rules. "The recent three days without the curriculum, we take advantage of this opportunity to rest two days, familiarize yourself with the college environment, three days later, we will conduct a primary class Trials, place twenty miles away in the Laoshan ancient forest, where the Wicked many, to the time horizon Vice President will personally left for everyone to hold the line, "said Beicang quiet sounds. Dragon Royal College a total of three principals, one is two, the Rams and the road less crazy Shaw has said, and left horizon is another one vice president, seven bands imperial level itself is the pinnacle of the repair. It is said that half a leg has entered the Saint-level realm, where the Rams Xiao Ping rì students are less concerned about the situation, the road less crazy and obsessed with his own research, Dragon Royal College of transaction sizes are basically left horizon to deal with. Trials are freshmen students are required to go through each session, the purpose is to exercise when everyone in the dangerous state of mind, so as to stimulate the students practice their desire. Having all of this, North Wharf static hurry then walked out, she could not stay longer here on the moment, in case of lawlessness palace if this kid from gibberish something, feel, embarrassed. Beicang quiet a walk, many students began to get away in twos and threes, but also from the palace if a lazy stretch waist, ready to leave. At this time, three figures have been the first step to go over, blocking the path away from the palace if. These three were the last primary class students reach ground level because there is no state, so they repeat down. Led by a man called transcription, next to two people, a man named Han Yuqun, and another called the tower name. "Boy, you know what the rules junior class?" Transcriber first bull says. If you did not get up from the palace, fear and trepidation nodded: "I know, Beicang teacher has said, I remember clearly," "ha ha" a three-phase one, while laughing, transcription is laughed: "This Beginner actually came a Lengtou Qing, less wind but also let us pay attention to what you would seem to be better than this, idiot. "next to the other students to see if the trio will leave up around the palace, is far The hide away, for fear of affecting the fish, but it is not gone, you want to look lively. Shadows can not help but smile when heard from,North Face Gore Tex Clearance, and indeed as his own guess in general, the three men face ridicule, from the palace if it is not angry. "You three are the last repeater?" Palace if from rhetorical road. Transcriber face sè a change, after all, the repeater is not a glorious thing, opening: "Nonsense, what repeater, we are deliberately left to give junior class up the scene, or with several of our qualifications, early into the first grade the "Palace if off suddenly said:" No wonder it? I said a few days vertical Wizards characters, placing him here, how will it? original is for this reason, several seniors, I first arrived here, do not know what place affair , please take care of seniors, "Transcriber's face suddenly filled with a trace of pride from God sè, it seems from the palace's flattering if very welcome, nodded:" Yes, but I heard that you got him less wind, it will be some bad do, find time I take you out, and bowed to the wind less apologize, maybe less wind and mercifully, it spared your offended "" ah? "Palace if off curl one's lip, said:" This should kowtow to apologize ah Wan Wan No, man knees with gold, how can not just kneel it? "Transcriber immediately unhappy, said:" Well, get into less wind, do not know how to die, I know your brother just promoted to third grade, is that they Among a number of talented people, but the face of the wind less, your brother is not enough to see the palace Ming rì So kid, you still candid Otherwise, I would not hold you, "laughed in spite of the palace if heard from the smile, said:" seniors, I'm just saying, let you take care of take care of me and did not say, let you protect me ah this talented young master jade tree, but also several repeat what Paul was born? 'is both out, had at once triumphant trio face transcription sèyīn sank down,Hybridge Lite Jacket Women UK, this kid eat the bear guts, even Ganshua I
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