=)) HAFA ADAI!!!

June 17 [Fri], 2011, 17:15

one more month to go....gonna miss guam... coz i hv lots of memory here..
actually i didnt think im gonna miss guam.. coz i thought here was boring..
but now i have a bf and many many many fds here..(: and having so much fun!!!

thank u for everything, make me having fun here=))
especially my bf i dont wanna forget memory between us so i decided to make a diary..

i was working last nyt and chatting wif my bf on facebook, he was playing video game.. geeeeeeeeeeek
when i was talking with him i was thinkin... after one month whts gonna happen me and him?

i hate long distance.. never work for me... n i guess doesnt work for him also..
hate it....hate it...
sumtimes i regret to have bf coz i dont wanna be saaaaaad... n miss him..
but more than that he give me happy...

before we r together, i had bf in jp and he had gf.. it was long distance for both of us...
he came to guam and after one week he already said not interested in his gf... i thought he s play boy....haha

thats why this time gonna be same thing :,(
after i leave he find another gf...every time i think like this become sad...
im so negative!!!! OMG!!!

be positive be positive!!!!!!
i can make it works!!! hehe=P :,((

still have one more month! have to be happy!!!

yesterday morning he was sleeping and i rode on him to wake him up!!( coz i was bored...lol)
and he was suprised n jumpin like a fish...lol sorry baby!! haha
it was cute tho!! haha
after that he was holdin me like a baby...

i like to see his back when we r lying on the bed.. it is big and i feel safe..

he went to work n i came back to watch movie!! [she is out of my league]
its like story of me n him!! kiddin!! he gonna kill me:P hehe

i still wanna do a lot of things with u...

love u baby.. do u love me? im always wondering...


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