Muyang TPH260 Extruder Machine

February 11 [Wed], 2015, 11:29
The extrusion provides for production of many products with great superiority in comparison with other technologies. Because it almost integrates functions of different equipments in a single process when extruding, the procedures of mixing, extruding, cutting, cooking, forming and drying process in a certain degree can be carried out at the same time.

The principal machine of the extruder machine is mainly composed of supporting framework, belt wheel guard, motor base, main motor, lubrication circuit, base, slide rail support, cutting device, suspended pull rod assembly, slide rail, lifting tackle assembly, extruding assembly, by-pass and front support of conditioner.

Principal machine of the extruder machinery is the core of the whole extruder system. The extruder is used for processing different materials, such as cornmeal, soybean flour, piglet feed and soybean meal. The properties of some materials are widely different, for example, the cornmeal has high starch content, the soybean flour has high fat content but no starch content, therefore, when an extruder processes different materials, in order to get good qualities of final products and good productivity while the extruder processes certain material, it needs to configure different configurations for different material properties. The selections of different configurations generally refer to as the selections of different pressure rings, screws, discharging devices.