Big Wheel turn up mulberry shop high-altitude

November 01 [Tue], 2011, 0:14
Then the phone mulberry outlet store to automatically shut down. Mang restart immediately, opening the inbox is not just a piece of found text messages, and are wondering how this is all about time, Ferris wheel creak of the abnormal sound issue. Friction with the squeak sound more and more, actually began to reverse the Ferris wheel, and speed. Mang did not react, I saw the scene began to back out of the window, she clinging to the chair seat, fear of looking out the rapid rotation of the scene. The bottom line of people faced with a sudden reversal of the Ferris wheel was shocked, sparks were flying between the operating room, and finally smoke curl.

Bu is heard, off in the car door handle, the door directly across sub-car open. Mang while closely linked to the chair, allow yourself to let go; side desperately Dengzhe legs to prevent their slide into the door. However, an unknown force actually living brushed her hands closely, and then pushed out, Mang immediately to a parabola in the upper position fall. Instantaneous head directly in front of the ferris wheel kiss cement, brains burst, blood splattered. Queue of people scared restless, watching this scene nausea vomiting.

Jumping machine sitting on the surface slowly rising, she saw a reversal from just inside the Ferris wheel fell off. Her heart beat faster, listening to the crowd below began to whisper, she knew something was wrong. Took out his cell phone to call Mang is preparing to ask her what happened Ferris wheel, the highest point of jumping machine has arrived, I thought wait a resort on it. But the phone rang unexpectedly, out of the surface has not yet had to answer, jumping machine began to decline rapidly.

Bang bang, jumping machine lifts a direct hit on the concrete floor. Seat on the visitors, including surface were immediately pressed into meat. Queue of tourists scared scream, vomiting, difficult to stop. Surface of the cell phone was cast in the side, above a text message flash Su Zhao: "open night, Halloween bag for you."

Big Wheel turn up mulberry shop high-altitude, under water, listening to the noisy, do not know what happened. She opened his eyes, looked at the people underneath the Ferris wheel and jumping toward the direction of the machine together. At this time a voice in the water ears: "open night, Halloween bag for you."
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