the article of death front that people are Mulberry Sale rattled among them

November 26 [Mon], 2012, 12:43

ees toward Ma Ge Yi and pick thumb, say:"The artistic skill, technique of these black brotherses, experience has never got to say, you which sought come of?" See the farmland Qi admiring of all over the face mutually, Ma Ge Yi is satisfied but smile, says:"It is what we train by ourselves."After finishing saying, he urgently again add a , way:"The right bower is their teacher!" "!"Farmland Qi until just making at this time is understand, why Ma Ge Yi say while waiting to after completion of task remove these blacks, right bower the then facial expression Be so difficult to see, originally all of these people are what he train come outs, remarkable!It feels deeply about 1 in the farmland Qi heart. Originally he to black nothing important good will, felt one each one all silly of, experienced the artistic skill of their stand now, farmland it as to it's in order to present new look, the impression greatly also felt really and removed these people entirely at the same time, that really too regrettable. And say a border defense station there, two soldiers whom the black man will defend removing , by this time, has already incubated the blacks big fellows of border defense station surroundings in succession to appear a body form from the dark place, of the distances of be separated at five, six meters are or so, present a wreath form a little ring border defense station of the cabins take side. Time isn't long, public then already quietly breathed approach the near front of the station of border defense, 20 black men stand on the cabin of on all sides, have no one person to speak up, condition silent fearfulness.Don't realize mistake how long, a black suddenly sends out one category the interjection of birds, the voice is very moving, however drew back to hand over fiery prologue. Because his interjection sends out, 20 black men together and together start out and have of break a window, have of bump a door, close behind, the gun voice connects into one and still mixs up with Ai of screech and in the article of death front that people are Mulberry Sale rattled among them. The affair takes place too quickly and too suddenly, Angola soldier in the house has no to guard against, and many people's still lying on the bed is carelessly and then shot incoming bullet by the Qing to beat into sieve. Gun battle occurrence of quick, end sooner, almost useless first half minute, inside the house already Mulberry Handbags any out of hearing action. The black men masterly changed cartridge clip, then very carefully walked into house to carry on a check and seem and go around and inspect to have to leave to live. At this time pour out inside the house is all corpse, the blood dyes a red ground and fill the air very thick nitric smoke in the air flavor. BE going around and inspecting, a black man discovers that a maimed soldier of corner of wall pretends to be dead, he is a leg department to hit by bullet, the person lies ground up an on every occasion, however get hurt of step back to be free from him to control, tiny shiver, fierce only twinkle in that black man eyes
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