Mulberry Bags being blown to pour is very refreshing

November 13 [Tue], 2012, 9:50

o you smile?" "Nothing important!"Thank a text east to quickly shake head. The gold permits to explore head and keep hanging up of looking at his a short moment, humed 1 later on, say:"Do not say even if, who rare know?!" See the gold permit the Han Tai that my daughter gives birth to finish a dew, Xie Wen Dong is again to like and feel to cherish, at be stired cachinnation of at the same time, in the mind also at silent assurance, he can not let the Rong Rong be subjected to again where afraid is the injury that a D orders.This make him can not take a gold to permit to Yunnan more firmly. The after meal, Xie Wen Dong and gold permit to shoulder to shoulder come out a hotel. The evening of Hangzhou isn't cool, night breeze's being blown to pour is very refreshing.The alcohol sees the breeze ferment, the gold permits once the quilt breeze blow and feel more dizzy, body also naturally of depend get to the body of Xie Wen Dong up. Thank a text east the artistic skill hand she. The gold permits firm firm Mulberry Bags eyes, felling at present of the things be all flying to soon revolve, she cannot helps but crumpling to rub eyes, Yang beginning come, say to Xie Wen Dong:"The east of the text, I may get drunk." Her inebriate Tai and let out like orchid, make to thank a burst of disturbance of the heart of the east of text.His subconscious of permit the gold in the bosom to hold close, in a soft voice say:"I send you to return to a rest!" The male's Xie Wen Dong is free, gold's permitting really Mulberry Mitzy doesn't
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