the gold master Mulberry Bags son remains day and night worry

November 27 [Tue], 2012, 9:54

the many people will accept to can not stand, don't surround difficult excel, but be frightenned to pour.But when you grind teeth to stand of time, you will discover, cope with these so-called difficulty seem not so difficult. Xie Wen Dong in nowadays is these, will be exist in name only for 15 cents, the Ge vitality that hopes a month is big to harm, green help to take the offensive power the head Be blocked, the drive greatly reduces and bogs down, now, seem everything all at facing north beneficial circumstance development in the Hong door, make to thank a text east more happy BE, east heart thunder, allow long breeze, the space mulberry continuously gets out of the hospital, only the condition of the injury of the Yuan Zhong in the sky is more heavy, also need to stay a hospital to rest and recuperate. Had these dint stem will of come out again, Xie Wen Dong also finally had to green help to launch overall counter-attack of confidence. Thank a text the east be stood French window before, in addition to eyes Windows, fist of the fist lightly hit a window frame, the corner of mouth is tiny to take, the You You sneers at, green help, ate me so many, now, should is to make you vomit as well, double liquidation of time! Hope everyone is in the bad egg under this accompanying of book, struggle together, all be like meteor that sort, bloom oneself...... Is more to fascinatingly expect a text east group: Doctor says that the condition of gold Rong contains amendment, but, Xie Wen Dong cans not see clearly an amendment where, gold Rong still the soundly asleep don't come to, the gold master Mulberry Bags son remains day and night worry, the person sees emaciated, but thanks a text the east still keep drawing out time to arrive at a hospital every evening and hope that a moment that oneself gets into sickroom can see the smiling face of the glitter of gold Rong, but, every time just disappoint, the never thus strong setback feeling of Xie Wen Dong, he can control nearby of everything, or so everything, but face the gold Rong in nowadays, he but what all unable to do, just wait to helplessly wait for, wait for miraculous occurrence. The text east group president of association hand beatsThis evening, he arrives at a Hong force hospital again and finds out a doctor first and understands the circumstance of some kind of gold Rongs, then gets into sickroom and soliloquize of accompany the gold Rong to say words.He doesn't know that the gold Rong can hear he's words, however doctor tells him, so to waking up of gold Rong advantage. Thank a text the east sit by sickbed and looking at gold Rong fine but have no angry jade noodles, lightly daut her such as the silk the show hair of segment, don't aware of self in the brain of present to come from F and the gold Rong once spent of one act act joyful time, thought of to meet with gold Rong for the first time her distress and helpless, think of she called for the first time he eldest brother elder brother the touch of she heartstring, thought of her pure must not dye an