the two counties of the city

June 13 [Thu], 2013, 17:29
(Dingtian novels in.Dtxsj.) the world will be implemented strategy, data analysis has been repeated deduction verified, South separatism is feasible, but the difficulties, it is hard to avoid, the biggest difficulty is that certain population migration. (scanning nest.Soudubsp; the world will see places are Lingling and Guiyang, the two County border, to the south, and state in Changsha and Wuling in accordance with the world will plan, after this, stand two now basically belongs to the mountain more people and monsters states have priority over state south, through the sea traffic line, the positive development of naval forces, at the same time, pay attention to the changes in Jingzhou. The world would make Changsha and Wuling,Oakley Lifestyle Sale, that you would like the future occupation of Jingzhou Liu Bei or any other forces to leave a buffer, in Changsha and Wuling the two state, the official forces and game player forces can only around the edge of the city, and with the two counties of the city, with two hands can count them, so, basically in the two states as undeveloped area. With these two relative wilderness areas barrier, army to attack Lingling and South Guiyang, difficulty is not little, at the same time, occupied Lingling and Guiyang these two easily defensible mountainous area, plus in Wuling and Changsha territory can also play the logistics sabotage operations, strategic defense party is quite obvious. But, from Ru'nan will be tens of thousands of people, shipped to Yiling and Cangwu as the future development of the seed, is not an easy thing, if the population cannot be transported the past, want in the two barbarian and monsters prowled the area base is hard. If the 547th chapter. Even if the world will be exceptionally adept in trickery, really can be assembled to large-scale water board only, certainly will disturb the Xiangyang Navy, if a Xiangyang Navy siege,oakley sunglasses online, it would be all over! But as the Yellow turban camp of power, also have the nature of a gold camp facilities, and that is all the people, both men and women, old and young. Can all be marshalling become militia, and the unique advantages, the world will be how can be discarded! So, a huge ants moving plan appeared, it sounded like a lot of tens of thousands of people. But in the face of massive game player, in fact, hundreds of thousands of really is nothing, even Duoshijiwan, that is not the problem. Method is a simple task, using gold camp this special x ì ng,Oakley Compulsive Squared Sunglasses, will people grouping to the army in. Will people into the auxiliary soldiers wandering generals, will people into the Ranger's mercenary, then dispersed transported to some place in Guiyang. It solved the problem. In other words, is the population carrying problem, can use the money to solve, and can be used to solve the problem of the world, it is not a problem. In this way, it will be a striking large Aboriginal team, now have been transformed into a game player, the torrent, the torrent in Jingnan vast wilderness, but also completely unnoticed, Aboriginal also basically do not have what concern, though there is a curious person, but want to get anything from the game player has a price.
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