White ruo-yun face a red

May 28 [Tue], 2013, 18:16
Lin Fei looked at the white if cloud. The wet clothes clung to her beautiful body, peeped in full cover towering bra traces, neck following a deep groove, it is like a powerful magnet, deeply attracted Lin Fei's attention, "wife, or we in this......" Lin Fei deliberately bad laughing stopped. White ruo-yun face a red, lower the head a light tone way: "husband, I want to give you, after coming home, OK?" "Wife, what do you think? I mean, here you can rest, but did not say now and you do love *." Lin Fei intended to "do * love" aggravating say. "You hate, I can do...... Say." White ruo-yun her head into the forest without arms,Coach Outlet Sale, the word "love" she's just a mouth, no spitting sound. Lin non hey bad smiled, looked down upon women face blushing, s è became very solemn, "wife, no matter what will happen, you must remember, want to live, not to give up." "Well, husband, I know, my person is you, no one can touch, such as......" Bai Ruoyun looked up, eyes with deep feelings, but she didn't say that finish, Lin non has gently kiss on her lips, woman the body tiny tiny one Zhan, the heart was surging up a warm, more and more she can accept was his beloved man such measures as one kiss. Separate these days, white ruo-yun did not yearn day and night in front of this bad man, get married so long time, although no intercourse, but women feel their life has been very difficult to leave the bad man, also cannot leave the bad man, is the bad man, once again saved woman, once again give women a surprise, once again the woman's heart firmly capture...... With a kiss without the forest, the woman closed his eyes, a light white teeth,Nike Air Jordan Womens Sale, looking man tongue deeply, her tongue was curled up in the mouth quietly waiting for...... A man will be just perfect tongue into the woman is full of sweet wingceltis mouth,Oakley For Cheap, with a woman's tongue intertwined entangled together...... Lin Fei hold Bai Ruoyun soft waist, hands constantly touching the woman's jade back, sliding and slowly down, down on the woman plump buns. And the chest muscle is close to the woman chest full of tall, the two regiment soft meat almost squeezed out of shape. A sound croon since women Yao nasal issued, some of her shy smile, the man gently away. Lin Fei puzzled, wrinkly the eyebrows at the cheeks a sky full of red white ruo-yun, lower the head to kiss her. Bai Ruoyun gently slender fingers out of the man's lips, looked at him very much enamored, soft track: "husband, you wait......" She gently pressed his face on the man's chest, "husband, you mind talking......" "Wife, what do you hear?" Lin non caressed her shoulders. "It say, my husband's hand is not honest, is the big bad wolf!" White if cloud coily say, "I will punish the bad guy......" A woman of courage, gently open Tan, bite on the man's chest, this is a great deal of effort, Lin not smiling face on the brow.
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