more white gas and more concentrated

August 22 [Thu], 2013, 15:11
But just luck lifting force, the king was froze, his face revealing a surprise to the extreme expression, seems to be met with incredible things. Surprise did not last long, the king stunned expression on his face turned into ecstasy, ecstasy intertwined incredible consternation and mixed together, Weiwang Hong Yang did not even find that they have got the moves. "Mysterious territory peak, which is the mysterious territory pinnacle pinnacle ...... mysterious territory" king clenched fists, incredible mumbled, suddenly he burst out laughing, laughter make this house more shocks intense laughter continued for a long time, and then became a roar, the king seems to vent their anger and resentment. Gradually there are lines on the ground appeared to the king standing place as the center, countless rays converge there, the light collection, the king's body gradually bright, white light getting him blazing around on him more white gas and more concentrated, more agile flying. "If they could reign as emperor, you can straight Celestine, a mere mysterious territory peak, can be worth anything, so just let your gaffe." That sounds ancestors finally issued. King body was trembling slightly, then hear the ancestors of the words, but could not help but miserable smile: "The king of the peak four years ago as a dragon, into the mysterious territory, but it is just like a dragon HONG Bing Elementary, may It is just three years, he had almost mysterious territory peak, the king is still marking time, ancestors can be hard to know the king of hearts, my little better HONG Bing, why Fu Huang chose him "I do not know discourse contains How many grievances, ancestors voice was cold anomalies. It is to continue to ask: "Give me the body that yīn captured, I'll let you when the big Xia Tianzi", these words began to say, but it was a joke, the power can be Weiwang Hong Canada Goose Chilliwack Women Yang now has turned upside down, the body for the royal prince, Hong Yang know what the changes mean to enhance the strength, he looked at the front of that light. Eyes already red-hot. "Ancestors, if baby to grab that Hongqing soft, ancestors can make baby emperor?" The king asked. Unwittingly, he claimed to have become a "baby" until this time. He was a true ancestors as this is what their ancestors. This study is to follow in the dark flashing up, laughter is followed sounded, that ancestors laugh and said: "But it is a mysterious territory, actually it is so self-confidence of the world in the Middle Ages and dawei when a mysterious territory and what of it now but it can be regarded as strong, though you are now regarded as strong in this world, in this capital, as well as a stronger presence than you, right? "Here. Weiwang Hong Yang wake up from ecstasy, slowly shaking his head, said: "There are many, Fu Huang tough not to say that the Shang Youjiang Road House and Guard who, even the king's palace also has powerful than the king. "Yang Wei Wanghong tone of some anxiety. Heavily stamped scraps, which house a few kilograms of iron, but also follow up tremor, visible power surge, but his attention is not this, but rather impatient, said: "grasp. How to do, how to do?" voice getting high, that ancestors but sneer, said: "the emperor, the emperor, Guaren offspring, you can be considered outstanding people, and can be heard this word or confusion, that yīn body if the capital is not saved, By the time Guaren own way, if you want to find ways to save, I am afraid ...... "Here, the ancestors of the sound has a slight pause, then another laugh, continued:" will go Northern Territory great temple to find that right person, "Snow Temple? Omniscient sage? As a big Xia Wei Wang, he naturally also know that these ordinary people do not know the secret, and before he ask questions, the house light gradually dim down, the king was stunned, according to former habit, he knew it was the ancestors to fade away. "....... Opportunity will soon have ......" leaving only the sound echoed. House completely plunged into darkness, with no sound issue, where quiet Weiwang Hong Yang had a meeting suddenly went out. Outside is remarkably quiet, the king at this time the action is already fast, flash it to the other side of the palace, there is a separate compartment of a part of the palace guests a place to live. Instant of time, the king has appeared in front of a house, he stopped at the door, four weeks already been rung, Weiwang Hong Yang went straight to the door to enter. He entered the house, the house of them has stood up, old man fifty years old, white beard fluttering robes with bright outer Rune flashing, has apparently been pushed huge tract of power law, this person but it is the imaginary door Qingxudong innocent people. See that it is Weiwang Hong Yang, virtual naive talent relieved, but the body of the Tremblant Full Zip Hoody Women runes and the circle has not faded, and he looked in the eyes of the king with a bit shocked, then piled up a smile on his face appreciated, said: "I did not expect the power of princes jumped to such a point that day home blood, is really a humble unparalleled, really envious." Weiwang Hong Yang did not bother false flattery innocent people, he asked, frowning: "The road may have long cast detected the to what? "" princes do encounter anything unusual? "virtual innocent people ask so Weiwang Hong Yang frowned even tighter, he is open asked:" Is not aware of anything? "This is a virtual innocent man frowned, he looked the king glances, hands up a prop, his palm at a distance of about three inches high, has a diameter of three feet cemented light microscopy, light microscopy, there are many small spots, small Look able to know that this person is Wei palace and peripheral location. Small dots on light microscopy or in still or moving, Fuchu each king's actions have been included in this monitoring light microscope, the king and the imaginary innocent people's eyes are focused on a position that is just where Weiwang Hong Yang within the study. Everywhere throughout Wei Palace spot, only within the study area as the center is a dark side can not see anything, just darkness. "Nothing?" King sounds north face sale slightly increased, virtual innocent man nodded, holding the hand of a light microscope, light microscope suddenly open to expansion, extended to the whole house, the light spot on the mirror also will become large, are miniature silhouette shape, if eyesight is good, and even see some very subtle points of light, it is like a small rat beast. "Royal Highness, Pindao this 'Meiko Kam' Shi started to be within the scope of monitoring, nothing can escape, living things, as long as he occupies angry spirit xìng, will be known." Imaginary day the sound is not high, but extremely confident. King pondered the next, open asked: "If Guiwu evil spirit, you might see this treasure with?" Virtual sky smile, leisurely said: "Guiwu evil spirit is the same, they Although there is no anger, there is spiritual xìng, as Meiko Kam will be known, but the light is dark sè nothing, however, princes, the capital of the palace is the place to Yang Zhigang, Guiwu evil spirit will be close to the ashes, how will exist, Pindao more to say, in the capital this 'noble pure heaven and earth' under no Guiwu can be saved. "That light microscopy is now extended to the whole house, the king also crossed by this light microscopy, Listening virtual innocent human speech, the king God sè serious abnormalities, overlooking constantly coming and going on the light microscope, but also pondered a long time before they spoke and said: "If any man remote control magic, illusion caused this treasure with will not notice? '" Nature does not "virtual innocent people must replied, a words, the king eyes immediately come bets, virtual staffing a naive grasp, light microscopy is reduced to a ball of light, did not start in the virtual naive people with some modesty and pride, said: "If anyone in the palace cast, how would outwit Pindao tonight besides Pindao outside, no magic in the palace. "Weiwang Hong Yang is innocent man stared at the empty glances, then taut face slowly relaxed , slow voice spoke and said, "Tonight is a long hard road, and perhaps also hard after a few rì your door." imaginary innocent man smiled and nodded, the king turned out after two polite, virtual days after sent courtyard Both sides That leave farewell. Walking among the king in the palace, naturally guards to keep up, do not go a few steps, there have been few followers to keep up with a man leaned whispered: "Royal Highness, in accordance with the detection of treasure, only imaginary Heaven Tonight people display their detection of the law, there is nothing else spells traces. "innocent people just to monitor with empty, but also against innocent people Qingxudong imaginary door, the king also has monitoring means. Virtual innocent people do not detect any presence, and then the entire cast illusion Fuchu nobody like magic, in fact, the king also has self-confidence, to his level of such power, it is difficult to display what was in front of him illusionist tricks. Since it is not a magic trick, but not what Guiwu creatures, but also those in the most unlikely of places, then, who ancestors ...... silent king into the inner court, suddenly spoke and said: "Go Record to take the ancient fathers, the king look. "There are guards should be immediately followed up, and ran to spend time, this so-called memoir, is recorded in words and deeds of the big summer living emperors of books, a large summer camp emperors do fine manners habits can be found, the king going to these investigations, the intention is self-evident. That night the capital is still immersed in the beginning of the New Year festive atmosphere, jīng color scene of Shengshou contest, miracles Gao Feng added a lot to everyone talk. Over time, these will be the talk spread out from the capital, and even become the big Xia Empire extraterritorial allusions anecdotes, naturally nobody knows Qin palace chamber in the heavy atmosphere, and no one will know Wei Palace strange things happen . Some people may see that expression Shengshou contest ringleader Gao Feng Qin palace from heavy out, and then rush back to their rapid house. Into their own yard after Gao Feng actually shocked, the yard has been a big change, not to say that what has been done building regulation reform, but filled with various sè gift assortment of various sè goods are Hershey congratulations kind of things, also looked very festive. (To be continued ... If you like this work, you are welcome to recommend votes cast, monthly, your support is my greatest motivation.)
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