have doing the kind before the bitter

March 29 [Fri], 2013, 10:42
Hanjin City on Nu Sheng Bao He, just like a tough and fearless attitude, to the City defenders mouths pulled sound respond on momentum skies. After-hon back to the array, that is, drinking army storm, Guan Yu Lenghe the cry, and his troops to allow my city Kuanggong away. I allowed defenders, anxious to be blocking the arrows, rockfall, bowls, and other means, which are some of the thunder, little rain unreal. Man Army soldiers also only rushed two hundred meters outside the city of Yun I and deliberately have doing the kind before the bitter fight hard. Half an hour past the two parties eerily casualties rarely. Hanjin eyes squint shrink, then this scene done two-and-a-half hour to the agreed time, when he will be able to initiate cannons signal, cited that Ma Chao came to the right time! At this time, suddenly a soldier telegraph, The Horse instrument cited House nearly maidservant, along with the Pound being rushed to the arresting officers and men are Pound Qinzhu, the Fu Wai soldiers cheered Elam, horse instrument rate maidservant break, combined with Fu Wai soldiers are all Pound the courage, and dare not try to stop. Hanjin a suddenly startled lost sè, subsequently remembered the handmaid of the horse instrument dowry, usually are trained horse instrument cāo practice, all of them brave. And hold the line, no wonder there Pound, horse instrument own military forces able to prevent them. Hanjin dark regret effect,Mens Running Air Max ACG, forget Zhezhi female horse Miriam in Fuchu possession,. Hanjin lest horse instrument, Pound came to see through his-hon's play the positive yù sending troops to resistance. Towering around, even from the Jiaohe Voice, horse instrument and the Pound also a team wearing Bingjia female soldiers armed with sword and rush to the city to catch on to head. Hanjin suddenly spit out an atmospheric, Ma instrument flying step from one knee, and hand over to a prayer. "Jon is righteous cause, risking his own life. Chenqie Women Current generation, but also the power of kills willing the husband charged against pawn pending husband commanded!" My daughter and other, also Yuansui the Lady battle Kills! ! the "horse Miriam voice a fall, behind nearly the the maidservant mouths kneel in unison and drink. Wave of large, not less than sè a the team training enough jīng soldiers. "Nonsense of the knot first wife the Wanjin footer, eyeless sword, how can you battle Kill!? Moreover, the matter of killing one, has always been a man for, if I want you to Women Current generation battle, would not fall laughing stock, the people of the world to laugh I allow my man incompetent!! Hanjin waved his big hands, the righteous rhetoric cried. Ma instrument not sell off, hard sound. "Chenqie mind has already decided that if the husband is not allowed, Chenqie Changgui can not afford!!!" You!!! "Hanjin for his eyes stare Ma instrument anger moment silent while in when Pound submissively worship beside Road. "Han prefect, Mrs. excellent as their male colleagues, such mettle, only admirable, how to make the Korean prefect shame." "Pang!! Make!!! Tomorrow!!! Which was my couple of things where The content you jack me retire!!! "Pound suddenly speak, suddenly let Hanjin anger fast storm, his face grim, Zhuangruo frantically pointing Pound Nuchi. Pound lion head stare, Hanjin reaction is so large, it is given a somewhat suddenly let his mind a guess. Pound foot step, Ling Ran roar from the. "Prefect Korea, I is Markov department will also not let you so Hema!!! To this rì Markov desperate help you clinging to allow the I, you so mistreated, why Italy?" Pound sound like thunder, pomp Dunqi, such as the huge mountain wild waves dashed up, scared Hanjin startled mind. Hanjin tightly bite, when Liang Xing seems to come up with a count so quickly in Hanjin ear whispered so teach Road. Hanjin hearts hear coursing the surface the God sè a condensate, suddenly attitude changed dramatically changed the subject. "Just really my 'gaffe! Turned your wife and Pang generals there is heart to me the Yun I up and down, jump through hoops if I try to stop, would not live up to you wait some heroic nowadays fighting is urgent, Wen Jun extremely fierce offensive especially Kuan more Wanfumodi the courage, if our military should be no policy, I'm afraid not so exhausted its military allows I City has been plunged into crisis. beam uncle and I propose, if someone can cited army as the effect of the Jones reached outside the city within the army of Kuan killed or repelled morale given large involving Wen Jun Xie Yun I nowadays urgent needs!! "Chenqie like to go!! ! "in the name of Guan Yu Pound a red face suddenly became pale and lost sè not react, is to hear the horse instrument no slightest fear under. Called fearless, acting has always been aggressive horse instrument, almost does not leave the minds of the moment is promised. "Mrs. seen the military no joke!!!?" Hanjin hearts sneer than surface is solemnly asked. Pang Degang mouth, that slow word had not yet sent the horse instrument immediately yelled. The "Chenqie naturally know!!!" "Could be so, it would take the trouble to his wife! If his wife is able to get off the ground, after Mrs. war rì kill husband never stopped!!!" Jun a word ! "the fast horses take the lead!" women jīng disabilities!!! "in!" with this lady battle Kills!!! "Ruo!!!" Ma instrument meniscus eyebrow cocked, Fenran the sky City yù led his troops under Kill. Pound report quickly to Hanjin Road. The "Han prefect, Pangmou Yuansui wife out of town Kills!" Quasi "the Hanjin seems as early as some material Pound with horse instrument to go with the big hand wave is allowed Ruo. Pound Lions Head squint shrunk to a the thin lines Lengran to do a ritual, make haste, followed by behind Ma instrument. Rumble!!! "Awhile, allow my city closed the gates suddenly open. I saw one wearing Lan Yin armor, wearing British red shirt, riding a red BMW women, armed with rifles, cited a female soldier suddenly thrust out of a hand-held the lion heads machete Juhan endorsement from the city. Women, Yingzi Bo, cool, Jiaorong handsome, and there is a special kind of British Gas, sweetly thundered actually kill to go straight in the Wen Jun Reggie Kuan. "Little Sister Kuan Megatron world, no one can shake its front the Little Lord Shangju is this person opponent, you must not act rashly!!!" Pound just now commanded the horse instrument in his horse, and so his first battle with Guan Yu, Ma Miriam is beside Luezhen. I did not realize the horse Miriam did not he, then put down the heart, go one gates started for Guan Yu to kill, scared Pound almost jumped out of my heart dirty. Guan Yu was directing the soldiers, to find that was the gates open to women, as a murderous hunt lioness, horse galloping towards him. Guan Yu lying silkworm eyebrows slightly shocked, heart to suspect this Hanjin not own third brother has a convention, how could suddenly send people out of the city to kill, but also a women, Guan Yu suspicious just starting soon, electro-optical fire that women, is flagrantly kill to mention, hand guns, flying thorn fierce, LK, but extremely swift speed. Guan Yu life of female shot, and for a time I do not know what to do, the only way to do is to escape. Spent four weeks of the blossoming gun to the Guan Yu Lian Zhan, Guan Yu or hide or flash after bypass the seventy-eight gun, that women, suddenly a turn gun-type swept away. Guan Yu avoid acute and drive behind the guns fast, sharp pipette tip was actually severed Guan Yu, a tie Meiran. "Red face Lvpao, Fengmu Meiran you is that villain's brother, Kuan?" Women, suddenly received the gun, full staring Guan Yu, sweetly asked with a bit of curiosity in the eyes of war road. Guan Yu secretly marvel women, martial arts impressive, has been flat and generally first-rate generals, listen to this women, asked Guan Yu answer is yù,. That women, the cunning, the sudden outbreak of stabbing Guan Yu throat, play the lion roar bifida days marksmanship, shot guns fly swing between the lion roar sound boom soared, Guan Yu and Ma Chao war, immediately recognized marksmanship dare great care, hastily brandished a knife Qudang. A loud crash. Pipette tip He saw that castration fast location above broadsword blade, burst from the series of fire sound. Violent momentum, so that women, Your face on that since trace of pain sè, contrary Guan Yu was as if a surface is not change sè heart does not jump ease posture. Women, have resorted to the lion roar split days marksmanship, just visible, there is no gun was intended. Guan Yu struggling a block, is best breaking its prestige. Pound after see horses Miriam has been killed and Guan Yu from frightened by fly struggling Jiabian speed. The hooves soared horse instrument, Guan Yu heard are the face sè changed. "Huge, quickly help me!!" Just ordinary blow can break go Shazhao. Ma Miriam knew that Guan Yu is non-rival, quickly call out. Guan Yu, a horse instrument Huansheng, immediately guessed to those given is that Pang Leng Beng. While the hearts faint guessed, this women, will be given that Mameng from sister, phoenix female horse instrument. Guan Yu failed to take advantage of the horse instrument panic shot attentively poised Pound rushed to make haste, Pegasus, Lion's Head machetes violent wave, straight Kanxiang the Guan Yu chest. The Guan Yu calmly, waving a knife strokes, the brake to come to a halt Lion's Head machete. At this time, the horse instrument Fen potential attack, spear-speed point Guan Yu unrest body again and again to escape unharmed. Pang Dele live horses, also sent offensive side. Guan Yu to avoid horse Instrument offensive, armed with a knife block Pound attack cháo. Ma instrument see less than Jiugong, The anger the sè filled Jiaorong Li He heard the sharp increase in offensive. Guan Yu see this horse instrument insatiable, and my heart is anger, the the collision is and Pound Lion's Head machete sword suddenly a pumping, sudden Hengkan the to horse instrument. Horse Miriam pumping gun a block, Guan Yu Li Meng, played Ma instrument rifles instantly Dangkai, the broadsword positive direct flight away, Pound seen as the hepatobiliary all crack hastily brandish a knife Qudang. Guan Yu is suddenly change knife style, and suddenly a pumping blade hurried to Pound neck amputated. "The huge brother!!! Horse Miriam seen Huarong lost sè burst fully suddenly admitted rifles castration, struggling down the shank of the broadsword. Bang in the nick of time, broadsword blade step down a little, cut out a fire marks away in Pound chest armor. Pound lion head glared hysteria to a roar, brandished a knife and cut it to Guan Yu skull. Red Horse Guan Yu heart consonance hooves of a move by step, both man and horse instantly removed, Lion's Head machete a split. Taking advantage of Guan Yu, armed with a knife and cut, Pound anxious to avoid barely escape. Horse instrument at this time is on the offensive, Guan Yu flooding the body a lay suddenly seize the horse instrument of guns,Air Jordan 6 Outlet, sound like a chime, Zhensheng Bao Road. "Give me walk away!" Guan Yu LK infinity, a pumping procedure, horse the instrument quickly hands grab speak, almost two arms of Guan Yu Sang Sang pumping off, but it just would not let go. Or Guan Yu Lianxiangxiyu, seeing this suddenly received a than half Nekon. "Kuan!!!" Pound lion capacity is full of rage, his hands with a knife, grab the gun facing Guan Yu the hand Fenran split go. Guan Yu hastily let go horse Miriam closing force is less than the downfall almost falling horse. Fortunately, at this time, that team the women jīng disabilities rushed to a rush to go Guan Yu Guan Yu behind the soldiers quickly also on Pound disarray horse instrument rushed around to help her immediately. In this short time, Guan Yu has been conduct in immediately, never lays the idea of ​​tapping your breath does not move. Pound horse riding before the eyes of Guan Yu unknowingly give birth sort of King sè. Guan Yu is also in the bird's-eye view, as Pound said quietly. Pang Leng Beng, the battlefield does not belong Women Current generation you let them recede you my wanton war, until the outcome of the separation!! Would not happy!!? ""! With reputed world Hanshou Tinghou of war but the willing of Pang Mouping students! little sister, you led troops quickly receded. Kuan they handed Pangmou!!! "Pound face sè startled, whole body suddenly burst out of the avalanche of general Pang Pai momentum. The same time, the momentum of Guan Yu is also rising, can tear the days fracturing,oakley outlet sale, horse instrument feel the momentum of the two, an irresistible sense of trembling swoop from. Tajima instrument is still stubbornly Jiaohe Road. "The enormous brother, little sister with you!!!!!!" Step down!!!! "
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