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January 12 [Thu], 2012, 17:12
Wireless and very low power consumption (that is can last hour after hour of bluetooth headset), the largest of any of the bluetooth equipment of things without a doubt its general compatibility of the shadow. Bluetooth and various technical supervision by BSIG (the bluetooth special interest group), this is a private holding trade association of telecommunications, computer, network, and consumer electronics company, is used by everyone, has become the standard of wireless communication in the short distance. This means that, bluetooth headset will not only be a few equipment compatible, and as the nature of technology, may establish a monkey. How To understand for bluetooth headset real works almost need To a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering however, for consumers, that kind of depth not necessary. How many people know, in their car is how to work every tiny? Bluetooth is frequency-hopping spread spectrum short-range radio frequency 2.4 GHz bandwidth collection of the agreement of the name, I promise I'll get technology. In short, bluetooth technology allows a device to connect to several other people, other equipment, such as often with compatibility problems to overcome. Therefore, the bluetooth headset will be compatible with many different devices. However, its functions depends on what "stack", or agreement has set of equipment, In order to properly use In a pair of bluetooth headset, use it equipment, will be the most important is need A2DP (advanced audio transmission mode, may be limited), to the quality mono or sent to the stereo headphones. Many bluetooth headset will also support AVRCP (audio/video remote control configuration files) AVRCP designed to control all kinds of electronic equipment provides a standard interface. If your equipment also support the configuration files, this means that, you will be able to control all sorts of functions (such as skip repertoire, play forward or backward, and the suspension and equipment volume), from your earphones. Some bluetooth headset, special to meet the fast growth the media player now with the combination of mobile phone, even personal information management market, will also be included in the HSP (headphones mode) and/or HFP (hands-free mode). This means that, if you want, you can also use a bluetooth headset call and answer the call, in the same equipment, or other. In fact, if you have a compatible headphones and you listen to music, cell phone rang, and your equipment will ring, and then switch to phone answer! The future is electronic, digital, paperless, wireless, automatic easy...... Or us to receive told. Bluetooth headset is a kind of technology, can help to realize the goal of the fantasy. Unless you are already living in a rock in a cave, in the sparsely populated island of the sea to a galaxy far far far away the planet of another dimension and the time; The opportunity is bluetooth is a part of life whether you know it or not. If your mobile phone (you can use a bluetooth headset), you have your life of at least have a bluetooth device, technology is currently in any industry, a reliance on technology to use. That is to say, almost all of the people.
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