[Visual Pool Party] 

January 23 [Wed], 2008, 14:01
uhm...Monday was the Lunatics Iyou pool party,
i had a good time...well not that good cause i had a fight with my boyfriend, but everything it's ok now...i think so~
As always lately my support was my Tami,god i love this girl! Thx for everything cutie n.n u are the best.
And that's all...I'll do my manicure again cause i'm bored and i can't do anything more cause my throat hurts a lot an di can't sing .
Shit i think i'm sick...u--u
Today i sleeped a lot cause i havent eat nothing so i was dying dúh i'm an idiot i now...

See ya!

By ...:.....:.....:.....:....:..:.:.[M]otoko

Euro Centro <3 

January 19 [Sat], 2008, 9:55
Today I go to the "Euro Center" with my friends, Coti, Pyoko and Shiori, was a lot of fun xD as always all the people look at us like we were I don't now! like bugs or something, i hate that.

Well we go there see a lot of people, took a lot of pics
That one is from the subway that was full as always and hot as always, xD wherever, when we came back we started to dance and all people look at us xD is fun to do that.

And i recorded a lot of silly videos, and iput them in youtube.
Well that's all for the day!

Love for all my girls and my boyfriend

I love u T_T , i'm sorry.


Such a Nice Day[!] 

January 18 [Fri], 2008, 12:14
Today with my lovely Tamy and Shiori it was a great day, xD the only bad thing it was that here are like 35 degrees !
We eat at Mcdonals and it was great til' a god damn dove attacked us!, it was scary, anti hygienic and really fun cause we were like screaming xD and all the people looked at us, and a guy was very rude with us .
We don't like doves, so what idiot ¬¬!
We took a lot of photos *O* look!

Well my day was perfect and fun and day by day I love more and more my tamy *O*
Obviously a love a lot my Snowflake Shio!

That's all for the Day, and...I Love Jae jejejeje

By :.:.[M]otoko


January 17 [Thu], 2008, 12:19
I feel really stupid because make this thing took me a lot of time xD Thx Deshen for all your help *O* Motoko loves you!

Talking about my day, it was great *O*! i was with my boyfriend all day and it was cool

So~ i think the week will bring a lot of good news, for me at least

Tomorrow i'm going to go around the city with Shiori and Tamy

The other day i was so bored i wanted to make my manicure, so i do it *O* and i love my nails! look~

isn't it pretty?

All for the day! Thx for read.

[ILoveMyLife]:.:.:By Motoko
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*O* well! lest's talk about me, my real name it's Barbara, but i like a lote more Motoko.
I live in Chile, a little country un SouthAmerica.
I Love Music and Dance *O*
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