seems saga yesterday that word to its impact

December 21 [Fri], 2012, 15:52
Every day, Saga were forcing a spare no effort to attack their own ape, is the maximum that killing Asura days, to dodge.No rest, will not stop, not a ape get tired not to give up.Every time the fire of great apes on the ground to move, it is wonder, his master is human?The body slender, didn't look strong man, his body what to do?Why the devil beast more powerful than themselves?A monkey is very depressed, wonder.But it dare not slacken our efforts, can only be on time every day down, never be late or leave early.When a monkey to recover, and sit cross-legged saga, Shura began killing of normal practice.Achieve nine days of Shura mantra second stage, practice instead of sleeping, although the body will produce great pain, but no difference.Day in and day out, a simple and mechanical.Thus, saga in Warcraft forest edge, soon spent two months.He felt that, this way of practice, the effect is not obvious.Then, in the evening, Saga of a ape said: "tomorrow, we go."A ape listens, voice immediately in the saga head in my head, "master, the devil beast forest edge zones of the worst beast is eight grade elementary, go inside UGG Roxy Tall Discount, all nine levels above the devil beast, I feared danger."Through a ape Canada Goose Down Hooded Outlet, Saga knows devil beast forest is divided into three parts: edge zone, central zone, central zone.According to various magic bestial strength distribution in different parts of.The core zone of occupied sites go, world of Warcraft is stronger, that is their identity symbol of strength, they are as beast Sen strong symbol, basic does not step outside of their own territory, would invade their territory of the enemy."You don 't is nine, why stay in on the edge?"Saga asked."Master, I don't like, I is the eight level of high order magic bestial fire ape king, because of good luck to mutate into it in great apes, is left to be here when the king."A ape tract."Never thought of sanctification level devil beast Canada Goose Foxe Parka?"Saga glanced at it."Holy level!"A ape gasped, red eyes showed fear, "that is the core zone of the people!They are the real masters of magic bestial qq!"Saga gently made a noise, close your eyes and began to practice, no longer ignore that only in a slack condition variation in great ape.The very next day early in the morning, an ape, towards the beast Sen's central zone in.Along the way, a apes are silent, seems saga yesterday that word to its impact.The devil beast forest, light is the edge, to their degrees, go out for almost a month.It is very smooth, edge a ape is the boss, not the devil beast to harass them.The devil beast to outsiders with hostility, but for the beast Senneibi himself strong magic bestial, respect is abnormal.The strength of high in world of Warcraft can easily decide the life and death, law of the jungle, this is confusing bloody beast - the only rule.The travel time of a month, every day is still very hard saga of the practice, when arriving at the devil beast forest of the central strip, Saga and feel that they have to break through the sixth day signs.As the saga and a monkey on the central strip of land, the Duchy of Hill are Huotanding, being held a grand wedding of Steen and Vivian's wedding.Phyllis manor is the grand hall, sting was standing in the doorway to greet the guests, his best man, who is actually the Duchy of Hill, two prince!Two people behind the hall, up to two m in the Scarface strongman beach, is with the Sullivan five, get together with the guests seats.Even in a crisp white showily dress, sting thin body still seems some rickets.Messy white finally tidy, black eyeliner around sunken eyes, gray white eyes, shining, joy, and happiness."The sting, the first time I saw your ears, a bit like elves, but not so sharp."Coover laughed, he often are in the camp, under normal circumstances he not leave the body, but it also puts on a tailored dress, just nine five meters of the strong body and Steen formed a sharp contrast.However, no one would dare to laugh at his appearance, because now he's identity, is the Duchy of Hill mat magician, Hill the magician association!
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