My life in the library 

2005”N02ŒŽ26“ú(“y) 10Žž48•ª
A very good start for the new semester, though I saw my rank in the Office and it is not a pretty satisfying number.

I will try hard by now

Met "Mr.Big"very frequently lately. I have to admit that he is the one that lots of girls will have crushes on.
I do adore him, but I don't think I am his type. I don't have the "unbeatable" charisma that can attract boys like that.

but it's ok for embracing the joyment of simply seeing him around. I think I am going back to the age of 17, while a time that meeting someone you like can cheer you off the entire day.

things in my life are getting more and more interesting.....

Is it Over? 

2005”N02ŒŽ24“ú(–Ø) 9Žž38•ª
^“IŒ‹‘©—¹ ?

樑¼Œ‹‘© I‰äS—¡”‡›õ‘iŽ©ŒÈB
‰äŒ»Ý‰ÂˆÈ[[“I铘ð"Bridget Jone's Diary"’†C

•ú‰º....let it go


What a Day! 

2005”N02ŒŽ22“ú(‰Î) 16Žž36•ª

•ªŽèŒã“I‘æˆêŽŸŒ©–Ê , not really ready for this.....

”VŒã“IŽ–îA”äŠr ‹»•±—¹C™û™ûC
AÝ ŽC{™_“Htears”VŒãC

“Ë‘R¿‰º˜Ò—¹ˆêˆÊŠOš l II

™û™û ¥¬‘å‰p•¶Œn“IPh.D›{¶C
GRE 1470Cthat is pretty high^¥–]o”œ‹y
ˆê’¼¥‰äÝ–⑼Šï‰ö“I–â‘è ™û™ûC
Š´æSŽ©ŒÈ“I‰p•¶ŠÒ¥œk”j •s‰ß‘¼ˆê’¼say‰äu“I•sö;

‘æˆêŽŸæî•s”FŽ¯“IŠOš lã֓V;C
™û™û ‘æˆêŽŸ\“žè™¶l“I“d˜b ™û™ûB
ŠYsayY›õ ŒÄŒÄ
ã`”VŠOš lŽ–Œ¬Œ÷‰»‰ðI‹ö‘O’j—FŽ–Œ“IEŒ€‰» ™û™û
–ë ‰äˆ¤‰ä“Il¶I

New Semester 

2005”N02ŒŽ20“ú(“ú) 23Žž22•ª

Well, it's another new semester again. Although I made study plans every beginning of the previous semester, it's hard to stick to it at the end of the semester.

So, making plans from the beginning and regreting for my laziness at the end, just like an infinite loop started over and over agin.

I really hope I can do it this time!!

First of all, I want to get rid of the habit of spending time on the internet and BBS. That is really time consuming. So I delet two of my favorite BBS sites: PTT and windback. It's painful but it should be done. YEHA! I am showing great determination right now. What about writing the BLOG? Well, it's different. I need a place to practice English and keep track of my own study.

Secondly, I hope I can go to the library everyday during this semester. Because I only tale 20 credits this term. I should have a lot of time for studying. If I don't force myself to go to the library, I will end up staying home and doing nothing at all. (study is not an option while you're least for me)

Third, since I do want to lose a few pounds. (Well, probably not just a few). I should excercise more. But I have less time for playing Volleyball and Badminton, so the only way to be thin is to go on a diet.

EAT LESS,that is what I mean......

Last but no least, I hope I can keep working on the trasformation of myself. Keep being a better person everyday and keep noticing the good of other people. Be gratful and cheerful. Never forget to be optimistic and positive, and therefore there will be nothing can stop me from succeed.



2005”N02ŒŽ19“ú(“y) 23Žž14•ª

No more tears.

You are a unique and wonderful person, and you don't have to let someone else told you that. And you don't need someone to hold to show you are special; don't need someone to be with you so you won't feel alone.

You are all you need

Let people see the good sides of you, and keep working on the draw back you have.
I bet we can expect something extrodinary will happen to you if you never give up trusting in yourself.

Life is always tough and full of struggles. And no one is perfect, but it doesn't mean that
we have to give in.

cherish, understand, and love yourself.
Prove that some people are wrong about you.
Prove that you are underestimated.

all your dreams come true

on my way 

2005”N02ŒŽ19“ú(“y) 23Žž06•ª

There is no time for self-denying and regretness.That's what I keep telling myself.
Time is running out and I am still not in great determinations,

focus on your dream, your life, that's what matters, that's what worth pursuing.

and then one day, you will look back on these days, and feel proud of yourself.


2005”N02ŒŽ19“ú(“y) 22Žž43•ª


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