Artsy Dream! No waaaay 

February 23 [Sat], 2008, 6:52
I got to sleep A LOT last night. . . going to bed at like 12:30 ish. . . waking up at 9, and getting up at 9:30am.
The dream was all over the place:

We were looking at all kinds of German Artz at some gallery.

My 2 friends were going to go "chill with Warhol", but I didn't get to go. I was not happy.

On a boat ( it's a small world type) some lady was stealing these large peas that had dolphin like faces from the water, and storing them in her mouth. She was a thief! She was also large and bumpy from cramming the pea dolphins into her cheeks; like a hampster.

Then, I was in a very large public restroom; taking the SAT all over again. They announced that some chubby pre team kids from a punk band were in the testing room. ODD.

hey Mama! 

February 17 [Sun], 2008, 7:45
I do not recall much from this dream. All I remember is that my Mama was telling me I was too fat. I was all sad ans stuff. Later I had a dream she was drawing my blood at the hospital, because I guess the nurse wanted nothing to do with me. Then we were eating bento, and insisted it was not a very tasty lunch. We insulted the man who made it for us. We were being jerks!

You dropped your tinny glove, sir. 

February 16 [Sat], 2008, 7:38
I saw a big fat man "accidentally" drop a little black pleather glove when passing by my house. I believe he was wearing no shirt and overalls. .

He went up to my kitchen window, so I ran to another room, so he couldn't see me. Somehow, he still knew I was there.

then he asked if I was sitting or standing.


February 15 [Fri], 2008, 7:34
I also had another dream; I walked into my parent's house, and my dead grand ma was sitting in the kitchen, with my grand pa and mother. I was like "SWEET I am going to ask her. . . something". AND I DID! But I do not remember what I asked or what she answered. But I think it had to do something with what the after life is like.

Brush YO Teeths 

February 15 [Fri], 2008, 7:32
All I recall was that I was jogging to my grand ma ma's house and brushing my teeth at the same time.

Train Trip in LALA Land. 

February 15 [Fri], 2008, 7:20
This dream was particularly long.
But here is what I remember:

I was on a train, in the sky ( amongst a bunch of bramble), with my friend Mika. We were going to Australia. When we got there we played with Kangaroos along the tracks.

When it was time to go, we got back on the train ( by the way there was a lot of singing and music in this dream. Then we rode the train to Japan. I was in a restaurant with my parents, but they did not have the kind of Qoo drink I wanted so I left.

I was on a train again; but all that happy sining was scary and it was dark outside also ghosts were in the trees! But they were black and dangerous looking! Eek! The train took me home, and my Dad was not happy with me.

Death + Education!? 

February 15 [Fri], 2008, 7:18
We found a dead body in front of a hall at school. That is pretty much all I remember, it was boring.

Bumble Bee Suit 

February 14 [Thu], 2008, 7:10
- I was trying on bumble bee suits. As I left, some one was following me! OH NOES!! I walked and walked. . . when I got outside. I was in Sparta. . . Not cool because I didn't have a toga. . . and was in a bee suit.


February 13 [Wed], 2008, 16:31
A blog!?
Wonderful! Wonderful!
I am so very happy.

The seals and I party in celebration.
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