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This is clearly a strange attitude, seems to be the operation method and a moncler men jackets combination of attitude. Sean Andy whole person fiercely forward a blunt, big drink a way: "kill!" YangYi also not show weakness, skimming over the surface is very fast, although is the last one to begin, but it is the first to arrive the mysterious man side, both hands slightly in a flash, will have myriad hand with wind effort to mystery man take go to, impressively is attacked thousands. Mystery man pure mans eyes flashing, face a mysterious color, only cold way: "you are in death, is courting death! No one can save you, green bee needle, kill!" YangYi mind instantly a jump, he seems to feel a cold great threat, but can't see this threat? "In the end what is it? The risk consciousness is more and more intense. All this is in an instant in happen, YangYi eyes slightly a setting, suddenly saw a spot, the spot is not visible, but it contains the a shares the smell of death. "Bad, it is multiplier, he actually aggressive multiplier, quickly go!" YangYi skimming over the surface of the instant cast out, but he then faster and faster but multiplier. "Sou" YangYi even able to hear the voice of the flight multiplier, more and more nearly. "Ha ha, all of you will die, the multiplier less than as a last resort I won't take it out, but you three is really put me angered, will inherit my anger, ha ha!" Mystery man crazy smile, also no wonder he is so confident, with an attack multiplier, enough to deal with most superior, special is like this kind of immaterial of multiplier, once suddenly attack, even if even the condensed out of the real Dan's I'm afraid all could not withstand, only those who really condensed out of the golden elixir of clotting ninefold superior to resist just a little. Like YangYi kill this even clotting five heavy uniting all have no the godsworn, the mysterious man eyes appeared to have is overkill. "Bad, if it goes on like this, I must die, have to think of a way!" YangYi mind constantly turning all kinds of thoughts. "Only by surprise, surprise, see his multiplier can be caught my brigitte YunJia!" YangYi instantly turned around and suddenly head-on to the mystery man rush to. "Hum, fools, ManShui you even clotting five heavy are not met, even if the clotting seven, eight heavy, also cannot with flesh and blood resist this multiplier, really curry!" A mysterious man all don't care what YangYiYou attempt to him about his multiplier with boundless confidence, with this multiplier, he didn't know how much through difficulties, how many death than his strong the friar. "Bang" YangYi figure instantaneous acceleration, followed by a dot instant hit him in the body, powerful force almost let him have pains all over straight not up, but he is very bitter endure, skimming over the surface of the velocity is almost instant reach the mysterious man's side. "Ah? How did it come to this?" Mystery man seems to be no reaction to come over, green bee needle power he is know, don't say only flesh and blood, even a piece of fine iron plate will be scored. But he could not think of, only a clotting quadruple the godsworn can have a product in the multiplier, even many azoth master is not necessarily to be able to have a multiplier, that is what the product the multiplier. "Thousand attacked!"

YangYi myriad hand with terrorist strength to the mystery man racket to the moment. Although the mysterious man moncler vest men is an accident, is also very surprised, reaction is slow half racket, but he is ultimately clotting sixfold masters, this attack is not in his eyes, stretched out his hand and a beat, the huge be in power the YangYi attack all resolve. YangYi mouth but show a sarcastic smile, big drink a way: "jiugong phantom, kill!" "Sou" YangYi figure moment became four figure, it is in such a close distance, mysterious man have a tiny bit of distraction and backwardness will cause inestimable consequences. "Bang" Mystery man fiercely forward a clap, he also is really bad, then a clap clap broken two phantom, but the real YangYi have mercilessly shoot him in the chest. "Bang" Friar is ultimately friar, strength again how powerful, the body also is can't compare with those animals and birds, besides, the mysterious man have an attack multiplier is awesome, nature no defensive multiplier, so YangYi took a hand in his chest, the other hand will mercilessly a grasp, instant will go to the mystery man's chest cavity, circle the fresh heart are caught out. The heart is still in the hands of YangYi slightly to beat a few, the mysterious man's eyes filled with incredible, who also don't know on what he what surprised, is surprised the YangYi jiugong illusory magic, or in surprised he died so soon. "Bang" Mystery man body instantly fell, blood dc, has died. Sean Andy and wu TianGang in the distance YangYi big-screen, eyes incredible look. Mystery man but clotting six heavy, but also have a multiplier, unexpectedly let YangYi to kill, it is too amazing, but YangYi kill the whole process of two mysterious man they can see clearly the. "YangXiong, how are you?" Wu TianGang asked, at this time YangYi face is very stern, let a person have to worry about his situation. YangYi just slightly forced smile, even words all can not say it, fierce of spit out a mouthful of gore, this just a little feel good point, low track: "good job of multiplier, even with brigitte YunJia of resist, but just that once, is almost let me dead." Sean Andy and wu TianGang are mutual a look, eyes revealed the terror of color, this just know, the original is YangYi by brigitte YunJia and the other side of the multiplier hard a resistance. It is in the gambling life, who also don't know each other's multiplier how strong, if the penetrated brigitte YunJia, that YangYi features and the chances of survival. But after all or YangYiYing, YangYi not only to others malicious, to oneself also malicious! < hr / > Chapter sixty-nine green bee needle Sean Andy admiration in a low voice way: "no wonder YangXiong young and promising to the white easy to kill, YangXiong, very people can and!" Is just that dangerous situation, both of them is absolutely won't like YangYi so crazy. YangYi visceral damage, were badly injured, that an artifact of the conflict, if power again big point, perhaps YangYi died, it is a dangerous unceasingly. The mysterious man's space ring fetch, three people was immediately struck by the inside of the wealth.

Wu TianGang agape way: "three... more than three thousand six hundred blood crystal, and Dan medicine, this is SAP Dan, my Lord, it has more than moncler alpin six hundred bottles, what is this? What kind of people should have so much wealth? We developed this time!" YangYi also could not help but lick his lips, kill the mysterious man although dog-eat-dog, almost latched on to life, but harvest is also extremely rich. Sean Andy light way: "this YangXiong in ShouGong, this green bee needle is YangXiong of, and this ring, the wealth of the YangXiong also from each half, how?" The kill mystery man, it is YangYi contributed to the hand, YangYi take so much, wu TianGang also have no objection. YangYi stretched out his hand and took the green bee needle, this peculiar multiplier he nature is to obtain, after all, is a multiplier, kill people in the invisible, his hard spell, multiplier naturally return to YangYi. But the wealth of the ring, YangYi only took a third, he still want to involve wu TianGang and Sean Andy, two man is a genius, later achievement will surely not small. Sean Andy face a slight GongDao: "since YangXiong so polite, then we this time is touched YangXiong light." One thousand two hundred blood crystal plus two hundred bottle of Dan medicine, this is really a pen can't imagine huge wealth, for YangYi active get a bit less, two people are at heart. Of course, compared to the wealth, multiplier green bee needle is the most let three people the treasures of be or get out of danger, but kill the mysterious man all by YangYi, Sean Andy and wu TianGang pour also didn't want to put the green bee needle appropriation. YangYi carefully watched the blue bee needle, above shining with a little bit of light, looks very's sharpness, and only for the length of two inches of green bee needle once cast just come out, it is not easy to be notice, if no multiplier protection, it is difficult to resist lived. "YangXiong, hurry up blood recognize Lord, we may see this multiplier power." Sean Andy press a way, he also want to see green bee needle badly place. But YangYi but look strange, low voice asked, "blood recognize Lord? Multiplier still need to drop of blood to recognize the Lord?" Sean Andy and wu TianGang two people look at each other, and then forced smile way: "YangXiong, you do not even need to drop multiplier recognize Lord don't know?" YangYi awkward shook her head. "may smell details." Sean Andy forced smile way: "YangXiong, just that the mysterious man can drive multiplier, is because blood acknowledge the Lord, multiplier can and master grok, can drive kill in aeriform in." YangYi heart movement way: "oh? So brigitte YunJia is also to drop of blood to recognize the Lord?" Sean Andy had to smile bitterly way: "good, brigitte YunJia also need blood recognize Lord, to tell the truth, how we are also have never thought YangXiong get brigitte YunJia so long, should haven't drop of blood recognize Lord, otherwise YangXiong today wouldn't be so dangerous." After YangYi will carefully listen to Sean Andy said some multiplier of common sense, these knowledge, YangYi never heard.

Multiplier moncler daytona is need blood recognize Lord, but only the blood recognize Lord, can play the maximum multiplier to power, as brigitte YunJia, if the YangYi early blood acknowledge the Lord, then and brigitte YunJia grok, and displays the azure YunJia real power, mind will not be green bee needle almost earthquake internal grinding. After all of the product and inferior although is a difference, but it is not insurmountable divide, day sent to don't, YangYi can get brigitte YunJia, is not know how much luck, had white easy to put on green YunJia, but even the clotting five heavy, six heavy all don't fear. But YangYi now I finally know, he hurriedly pair of brigitte YunJia and green bee needle drop in blood, gradually, two multiplier began to send out a faint light, appear abnormal divine. YangYi feel brigitte YunJia change, as if suddenly live turned around general, even he can mind move, the YunJia green all the protection ability gather in one place, such ability in no blood before the Lord to recognize it is absolutely not. The thought of the only green YunJia as protective armour wore a few months, YangYi himself is slightly shook his head, if not today met with mysterious man and get the green bee needle, I'm afraid I still don't know these common sense. Friar life is a long time ago, more than in the mountains in the abode of fairies and immortals penance, but also to many and friar communication, long life, almost let every brother are informed, learn through ancient and modern pundits from. Look at YangYi body brigitte YunJia sends out a light, green bee needle is sending out the faint light, Sean Andy and wu TianGang is envy, a person has two multiplier, be afraid is many planted azoth super master all dare not imagine. But envy to envy, two people are clearly know, YangYi every artifact can is not luck to pick up, every artifact spell is almost all the life, life and death in the room a was got and the other person is envy envy did not come. Two people to brigitte YunJia is very familiar with, after all, had white style head don't small, so two people to green bee needle be very interested in, kept press a way: "YangXiong, quick showed us something about this blue bee needle badly!" YangYi is also looking forward to heart, itch to try, and his heart, look at the thick walls side, at least have the more thick, even if Sean Andy a palm down cannot but got the thick walls. "Sou" A micro do not check light instantaneous to flash through, all three big-screen light the way. "Sees" The more the thick walls, instantly was green bee needle penetration, is like tofu general, couldn't stop green bee needle sharpness. "Good good, good bad ah, such spooks, if not YangXiong dressed in green YunJia, we will have more life also get replacement here." See green bee needle badly, Sean Andy all feel a burst of fear, this green bee needle really bad, even clotting eight heavy real Dan master, if do not pay attention to, there is likely to be calculated. Of course, if in the positive, real Dan superior out strength is really too terror, confrontation naturally not afraid of green bee needle, but this green bee needle refining so small, so not interesting, I'm afraid purpose is to sneak attack.

"Well, since multiplier also tried,moncler anngers we still to find a place, the fine LianDan refining out, so that night long dream." Wu TianGang gently said, he is now in urgent need of fine LianDan to help him breakthrough state, have some can't wait. YangYi nodded, then in the deep valley layer 3 constant search up, looking for a suitable place LianDan refining essence. < hr / > Chapter seventy JingXie seven drops The deep valley was full of stone forest risk wall, find a hidden point caves or easy. Sean Andy have begun to refining, YangYi or first saw someone LianDan, feel very novel, he stared at Sean Andy every step. Sean Andy from the space ring inside pulls out a three foot big ding, ding pattern painting don't know monsters, the tripod with two handles on the cover, Sean Andy doesn't hurry to start tried, but under the set, slowly began to burn. With the tripod with two handles there was a ribbon fragrant smoke rises, Sean Andy began to put a and a piece of the raw materials were thrown in, these materials are there not be afraid 100 to, all is pure LianDan refining some auxiliary materials, YangYi this just know, refining Dan medicine complex. Wu TianGang see YangYi surprised look like, a slight say with smile: "mr.liu LianDan, it is to be on the safe side, he added the medicinal materials, actually can not add, but in order to be able to have more grasp refining out fine LianDan, so we add so much raw material." YangYi nodded said understand, these materials is not and fine LianDan what relevance, just in order to be able to increase the fine LianDan into Dan rate. About after half an hour, the tripod with two handles of the fire is more intense, Sean Andy looks serious, hand over the odd black beast cut into pieces, a a them into the tripod inside. Fine LianDan refining of the most important part of important beginning! "Shout" The flame more dish, and even have let a person feel hot unbearable, this is the high heat, need to be huge, but also need to control, to put the medicine on the inside of fine LianDan useless impurities are completely ashed, this is a very is the work of consumption, which permits no slacking. Wu TianGang light way: "YangXiong, this eliminate impurities may need some time, I'm afraid I haven't a two days not silent." YangYi nodded, also didn't careful observation of refining process, but from the hand took out a bottle of jade bottle, the bottle containing is within the mystery man's 24 JingXie drops. This can be also not a few, at least that means the mysterious man in clotting quad is six drops JingXie, blood coagulation five heavy doubled for twelve drop, again to clotting six heavy to double that figure is 24 drop. Can JingXie in six drops when breakthrough, such people have practically a genius, also no wonder strength so powerful, if not too careless, was YangYi drill a hole, YangYi this three people all want to replacement in the deep valley, otherwise cannot put can rival clotting seventh virtual Dan's black beast after there is no way to heaven to the earth not. YangYi looked at Sean Andy, he closed his eyes, and constantly control the Dan furnace flame, and the later half won't wake up, YangYi was going to put these JingXie refining, see whether condensed out JingXie seventh drops.