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ShenQingHua heart one leng, this boy prepared is fully ah, he said with a smile: "good, first in here, I look back, signed the words let secretary send to you!" Make louboutin sale public showed gritty will: "don't have to be so trouble, you now see, signed the word I go to bring money!" ShenQingHua some annoyed, this boy is too run rampant? I owe you money? Unexpectedly chasing I want money, this his mama is clearly through palace! ZhangYangDao: "shen secretary, you don't angry, I don't have to you mean, the male is public, private, this is private economic and trade may be able to open up, and all is me the cheek to everywhere to credit, accommodation, chariots and horses fee, appearance fee, the somebody else is promised I owe, all is because I'm always credibility, let's FengZe municipal party committee municipal government also pay attention to honesty, I am not can't repudiate a debt depend, well, who won't ah, today's society said owe plutonium is big ye, in tow tow not can't, can damage my personal reputation thing is small, the influence FengZe municipal government in the good faith things big, directly thing if is difficult to the man who will try out, and those who came to declare for delivery of guest, those signing throw into quotient, the formation of the investment intention for charge chamber of commerce how to think?" ShenQingHua face sank: "I said don't give?" He patted make public pass documents way: "what things should have program, young people can not so impatient!" ZhangYangDao: "shen secretary, you are not advocate let's all day to enhance efficiency, see economic and trade will be over all quick ten days, until now it has not solved, this is your so-called efficiency?" ShenQingHua faces with scowl, in FengZe was the first time someone openly to dare to ask him wall. ShenQingHua nu way: "xiao zhang, you what attitude? We are the party and government organizations, not children play house, do anything procedures, there are rules, can not emotional!" ZhangYangDao: "shen secretary, my attitude without any problems, but this piece of documents related to peace river television sea economic platform, the somebody else is not white, some money can procrastinate, some money can't procrastinate, you can not sign, anyway economic and trade will be held over, the report also reported, but one thousand appear what adverse reports, affect us very not easy to operation up to the image of the government, and I don't have any relations." ShenQingHua face as being a smoke, he glare at make public, binocular nearly to gush flame, but he soon realized that this boy is fundamental to hide, since he dare the proudly come round and see myself to zai, the in the mind to oneself do not have any apprehension. Make public is obvious in the threat ShenQingHua, birds do and hiding? Lao tze use bowstring sound can take you to the avalanche die! Make public arose a way: "I this person fat gas straight, work is to things not people, speech f6 against shen secretary of the local, please don't mind!"

He went away. Only shen to a personal face the metal sat there, looking at the table that piece of christian louboutin sale documents, ShenQingHua spirit suddenly caught up, hold into a ball thrown out. Municipal party committee secretary general JiGuoYuan you came in from the outside, he nearly hit, JiGuoYuan picked up from the floor, those things, spread a look, can not help but say with smile: "seek you want money?" ShenQingHua way: "underbred young man!" JiGuoYuan smiled, and did not speak, make public the arrogant before he had heard, but he felt ShenQingHua and make public along fairly happy, don't think deeply how to two people suddenly turn in the face. ShenQingHua still YuNu not away: "to make some achievements will be complacent about, his tail sticking high up in his eyes, who else? Incredibly ran to the threat here I come! Economic and trade will be successful is not him a personal credit!" JiGuoYuan say with smile: "shen secretary, you not worthwhile cooled down, with his general object!" He spoke words? And do business director LiZhong helter skelter rushed in, and ten in the door the baggage and take the journey: "good, good!" ShenQingHua nu way: "don't you understand rules? Who let you come in?" LiZhong is his skill give up cadre, ShenQingHua chafe under also did not give any of his face. LiZhongDao: "shen secretary, just Japan in one thousand group President island sichuan too call, say to our conditions are not satisfied, to tear up the contract unilaterally!" The news just like a bolt from the blue, in ShenQingHua head explode, the economic and trade will have the most dacheng silent is in one thousand group signed a contract FengZe open area, should be here in the construction of production base "FengZe municipal party committee municipal government because it gay, this just a few days, how and have change? Prince a long way: "how possibility, the contract is signed, they breach of promise is to compensate for the losses of!" LiZhongDao: "somebody else doesn't care about the money, release word, if we dare to claim, as we court see!" ShenQingHua way: "what reason? They have to breach of promise also get a reason? LiZhongDao:" they said r... "" say what? " LiZhong bite the bite lips have a way: ", says Mr Island to ask the reason is to find a vice mayor!" ShenQingHua head hum! In the big, he knew, affirmation is to make public to move the hands and feet, and this boy is using this method tell yourself know, he can help his investment promotion, can also the investment to go back, ShenQingHua ever not so angry, he was so angry that he was taken on striking table, then slowly sit down. JiGuoYuan some sympathy of looking at ShenQingHua, the FengZe extremely arrogant of municipal party committee secretary, finally met buster, JiGuoYuan ShenQingHua to submit an expense account using a spite ZhangYangMing very white, in his watch, and ShenQingHua original don't so, this means beneath brillant, after all, economic and trade will and relief charity performance success is all make public credit, in this little trick to spite a hero that shen secretary horizon is very limited.

In JiGuoYuan always in the concept of shen christian louboutin alta secretary pattern should not be limited to this, but he partial (8 is this not clever means, it also proved that ShenQingHua to make public is not too many measures. LiZhong cried foul, in one thousand group is breach of promise, because make public reason. JiGuoYuan slipped back out, this time is not fit to leave Next, he thought that for shen secretary an independent thinking space is best. ShenQingHua does not need time to think JiGuoYuan haven't walk out of the office door, he stopped JiGuoYuan: "countries far, put the list to make public to send the past!" ShenQingHua although old, but not confused, he knew that if in one thousand group really break the contract will bring to what kind of consequences. JiGuoYuan turned and took the list, leave ShenQingHua office he have expansion carefully took a look, this is a piece of eight hundred and seventy thousand PiTiao, it has shen secretary's signature, JiGuoYuan saw at a glance that this piece of PiTiao would have written, ShenQingHua always not to make public, he lives in spite make public, JiGuoYuan lips Angle peep out one silk helpless smile, in the heart suddenly rises a lian Po old feeling, ShenQingHua do so what is the point? Zaozhiruci, why at the beginning? The fu of the long march sad-faced back, PiTiao still in his hand, he told ZhangYangDao: "wu chief said, should be the mayor sun sign!" Make public nodded: "good!" He got up and said: "go, I go with you!" Often LingFengWang the make public, helpless shook his head, he pointed to the wall wall clock way: "the evening at 6:30, egret hotel pine crane hall, you don't forget ah, left dean, dr. They all come in!" Make public say with smile: "delay not how long time!" The financial director WuJianXin see fu long march again come, immediately some impatient: "I say you how to reply a thing? CuiMing isn't......" He looked up this just see make public with fu behind the long march, face suddenly piling up smile way: "zhang deputy mayor came also, you have assorted the funeral?" Make public to small cocked fu, fu long march crustily skin of head that zhang PiTiao handed in the past. WuJianXin say with smile: "oh, I also be is what thing, it is the affair participation, so that, zhang deputy mayor, according to our regulations, it shall also have the sun the mayor's signature" you:; I! I.. R... "ZhangYangDao:" shen secretary sign with no matter?" WuJianXin to smile from ear to ear way: "is not ignore use, according to the financial system, so large expenditure must have the signature of the two leaders, and so much money, I can't take out immediately, must have a preparatory process!" Make public nodded way: "I'll give you five minutes, check I don't, and went to the bank run I don't think hemp fill s, I drive, eight hundred and seventy thousand is not much, the back of the car can down." WuJianXin say with smile: "zhang deputy mayor, you kidding?" Make public expression serious, on the face of a smile, "I'd like joking. It's a pity that you are not qualified!" [...] Chapter three hundred and ninety-one under the cash flow 】