February 28 [Thu], 2013, 12:46
Ath. That all the matters which we are now describing Pandora Jewelry store are commonlycalled by the general name of unwritten customs, and what are termedthe laws of our ancestors are all of similar nature. And thereflection which lately arose in our minds, that we can neither callthese things laws, nor yet leave them unmentioned, is justified; forthey are the bonds of the whole state, and come in between the writtenlaws which are or are hereafter to be laid down; they are justancestral customs of great antiquity, which, if they are rightlyordered and made habitual, shield and preserve the previously existingwritten law; but if they depart from right and fall into disorder,then they are like the props of builders which slip away out oftheir Place and cause a universal ruin-one part drags another down,and the fair super-structure falls because the old foundations areundermined. Reflecting upon this, Cleinias, you ought to bind togetherthe new state in every possible way, omitting nothing, whether greator small, of what are called laws or manners or pursuits, for by thesemeans a city is bound together, and all these things are onlylasting when they depend upon one another; and, therefore, we must notwonder if we find that many apparently trifling customs or usages comepouring in and lengthening out our laws.
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