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January 12 [Thu], 2012, 15:30
Although the scene just so very angry Wu Aotian heart, but after all this is a misunderstanding from the start, nfl jerseys but this is not a mortal he is naturally not the scene in front of mind, so when he heard Lin Yan of the apology, frankly look for Lin Yan said: "Lin Sister! for my medicine, I was quite confident, so naturally there will be half an hour after all the results.

Ye Wu slowly faded, the color white, like the flow of transparent body, then Venus has shiny, gray dawn of the dawn horizon exposed, cheap nfl jerseys when the morning slowly climb from sea level up, do not know the ward who shouted: "Father Chen woke up!" results to all eyes turned to the ward.

Wake up to see his father, Chen Xuan's eyes filled with happy face, quickly went bedside, excitedly asked Father Chen said: "Dad! How do you? Where there is no uncomfortable place?" cheap jerseys Father Chen Chen rotation hear the words, look confused to spin Chen asked: "mini three! You are not going to the provincial capital to meet it? Back when? Here is where? How could I here?"

Standing of Premier Chang Chen and several doctors to see Father woke up the moment, his eyes unconsciously reveal incredible facial expressions, Premier Chang even surprised himself: "how is this possible, first aid until help when the old heads, old heads of the heart has time to time, cheap nfl jerseys shop even if it is an illusion, the other one does not know how alone what ingredients make the pills will be able to wake up to the old heads, but also incredible is so accurate that he can calculate how old heads wake up time? "said Chen immediately went to the bedside to help Father for medical check-up.