October 21 [Fri], 2005, 3:17

Moving HOUSE! 

August 26 [Fri], 2005, 1:45
I promise I promise I promise, this will be the very very very very last time i changed my blog url.

Will go back to darling blogspot.

Pls help me move my hse again, or if you can't be bothered to change (just in case i might change it again, nah i won't lah), wahahaha, okie lah.. in any case the fella will still be directed to my new blog right? (with link above)

The reasons behind moving hse are:
1) Maximum 2000 words
2) Words always got cut off
3) Ugly Font

Hiak hiak

AND PAGING PAGING FOR ADMIRER!! Don't just disappear!

Read Read 

August 26 [Fri], 2005, 0:39
Guys, i had too much to complain and this freaking yaplog only allows maximum 2000 words.

Pls pls pls. go and see what i have to complain. Hear my sorrows!


August 24 [Wed], 2005, 0:13
A mom was worried about her 7 years old daughter's future.
She insisted that her daughter should take up extra lessons so she will not
lose to any of the kids out there.

Piano, Violin, Ballet, so on and so fourth.
One week of 7 days isn't enough for her.
The small kid doesn't know how to retaliate, but she know she couldn't bear it any longer.

Mother's day is coming, the little daughter did a hand-made card and passed
it personally to her mom.
Just when the mom was touched to receive it, to her horror, the card says:
I hate you.

* * * * *

These moms never know that though they gave their child the life, but the life is not theirs.
They should let the child live their life, and not controlling them.

But, do they ever get it?

Tiaras lurve 

August 22 [Mon], 2005, 20:26
I went for a friend's birthday party on saturday, everyone of us was wearing a tiara~!!Awwww, thanks shushu and michelle for buying it for the rest of us! Your effort is very very much appreciated!

Oh my god look at me, i'm the shortest.

During the party, my friend's relatives and friends just kept staring at us (not friendly stare tho), it's quite hard for us not to feel offended. Well, i know the whole grp of us were wearing tiaras, but so what? It doesn't mean you can look at us this way. t(-____-t)

Besides plain staring, they remarked some unconstructive comments too. Some of them really boils our blood. For more information, read claire's and xuexue's blog.

After the "partying", we went ktv and started having fun on our own!! Woooooooo~ We formed our very own Jolin and Jay! Whoa, next time they must sing duet yea!

Strictly no shooting, pleaseeeee!

Soon after few hours of Ktv-ing, we proceed to... *drums & rolls* ... PRATAS! Awww, It's been one month since i last ate it.. I almost sobbed eating it. Haaaa, very very nice okie! Maybe I should marry a prata man yea? Free pratas for me, discounted pratas for you. Yum yum. *gulp*

Our fruitful nite finally ends at around 8am in the morning but for me, it's just the start of the new day. Argh, imagine i had to go flag day without one night of resting! It's toturing! Besides that, i actually sprained my left leg accidentally. How nice for me. =`(

Haiz, anyway i've gained weight... 2 bloody kg after my 3 days of temp work. It's almost impossible for me to lose 2 kg in 3 days. Well, now my appetite has grown gigantic, way too gigantic. A big piece of bread couldn't fill my stomach anymore. I need moreeeeee starch, moreeeeee carbo *RAWR*

Argh, I bloody need a life.

*Oopx, xue's camera is having problem...

Who deleted you on msn. 

August 18 [Thu], 2005, 0:18
Just managed to come by a webby saying they could track who deleted yr contact from their msn. Interesting, very interesting. I tried it and woooo, i saw who bloody deleted me.

Thank you very much for deleting me, you 4 freaks!! Among these 4 freaks, 3 of them are not that close to me, but one is like what-the-hell lor. To think i still treat you as a friend, you do something like that. Tsk, good! i delete you also lah!

And i'm not happy, seriously. Here, go to the webby and see who deleted you. To hell with them!

P/s: The webby contains virus, do not click "Yes" to any of their pop-ups. Other than that, not much problem. One more thing, your nick changes. Have them changed back.

Erm, if you happen to see my name in yr list, maybe you can juz let me know.. It could be some hackers you know. =d

Oooooh, btw.. i managed to save my computer. Once again, i defeat those stupid virus!! Call me the heroine, man! Keke. Normally i would just delete whatever suspicious files or folders. I dun care if they're important and seriously i dun do back-ups. How risky right.

So i did what i normally do, i went to C:/, programs, window, then to the error folder and start deleting those threatening-looking thingy. Now.. TADAH! My comp is back to her usual self. Functioning properly!!

(For virus scanning, pls kindly contact Val at 9123 4567.)

Alright guys, it's almost bedtime. Good nite and have a nice day ahead!

愛ni是个錯 Flash 

August 16 [Tue], 2005, 2:40
To view flash, pls click here:


For emotional freaks, i bet you guys will cry in barely 3 minutes the most? Haaaa, a super touching and classic flash. Very very nice. Som pah!

*Pls watch it with music alright.. otherwise i can't guarantee if you will cry?

Oh btw, i'm using the music as my blog song right now! Ooooh, i'm gonna cry!


August 14 [Sun], 2005, 0:16
Our Esther auntie has finally appeared after so long! Whoa, miss her so much man! Her room looks very cosy and comfy to me. =) Erm, maybe it's becoz of the yellow color lighting?

Super kawaii pjyamas with biggy specs. Happily talking to weijie and laughing hard. (WHOA, it actually rhymes!) Hope our Esther auntie is having fun there in aussie yea. With a temperature of 6 degrees at night is a blessing. IT IS! Sg is like super hot and humid. >.<"

Just returned from the movie, "The Maid". Erm, it's actually not a bad movie and seriously it's better than what i expected. =) As for the horror rating, maybe i would only give 2.5 stars out of 5. Just not very scary to me.

Well well, changed my layout skin again.. =)

Xx Doraemon xX

Konna koto ii na, dekitara ii na
Anna yume konna yume ippai arukedo
Minna minna minna kangaete kureru
Fushigi na bouken de kangaete kureru

Sora jiyuu ni tobitai na
An an an totemo daisuki


August 12 [Fri], 2005, 14:04
My comp is announced to be infected with deadly virus. Maybe you won't see me blogging anymore, maybe you won't see me on msn anymore. I used to cure every virus that can be found on my comp. Search Extender,, Search Assistant, so on and so fourth.

Now, my comp is down with this certain virus, temp 532 dialer.

Pop-up says:

Title: Confirm
Message: This call is not free, this call involves dialling a premium rate number, the cost is International Rates.

It's affecting me in a way that, it slows down my download and stuff like that. I need approximately 10 bloody mins to download a 1.6mb song.

I hate this virus, yet i can't do anything about it.

I tried to delete this and that, but the bloody dialer just keep coming back. I read the symatec removal instruction but i couldn't find the values that need to be removed.

Alright, i could juz have my comp reformatted right. But no! My picture folders each carries about 75mb. If i lose them, i'll lose them forever.

Okay, you tell me to save them in a disc right. But no again! A few months ago i kicked the stupid disc drive and the whole thing came out. You don't understand but nvm, it's now spoilt.

I wanna send the pic folders to my friends, so they can at least help me to keep it first, but no no no again! Remember? My download is running ridiculously slow. 3kb per sec! How many days do i need to send them my folders?

I feel so stupid and helpless right now. There's simply nothing i can do. Argh, should have them developed isn't it. I feel like slapping myself 100 times, but it doesn't help any way it is.

Help me ppl... ... ... *voice trailed off*

Panasonic VS7 

August 09 [Tue], 2005, 17:27

Awww very nice! Dad juz bought a samsung phone, makes me wanna buy a new phone too.

This VS7 click* is a new panasonic phone, not sure if it will be launched in Singapore? Slim design with an external screen. Very very nice!

Erm, hopefully i get a job soon, so i can earn enough money to buy it yea..

I'm in good mood~!

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