CC School trip

October 10 [Mon], 2011, 0:36

schooool trip :D finally. today we went to....i cant really remember the name but its about es3af or something? in sahwa park (i guess:P) anyway it was too boring. the 3 classes went. at first we had this mini photoshoot (fail...) at school. oh only some girls came...
when we arrived there it was too sunny T_T why... & there were NO cute guys. (well all are omanis so yeah) some stuff were disgusting too xD oh i met moms relative too. she has...yellow eyes...scary.

howra looks sooooooooo cute!!!

& this is NOT cute...

later we went to CC :3 ofcourse after every trip xD we had lunch at nandos..oiiishiiii deshita!!! it wasnt spicy thank god.

oh heres a cute pic of malath & howra

tutiii orderd this..looks nice but i bet it taste awful

later we went to mc & met the guys there. D was there xD my heart was beating fast (wtf?) & we saw mr aymaaaaan T_T was awkward.. & that whore aliya. ill rape her some day.
ba3dain pinkberry :D oishii too.

we came back to school at 1 i guess..then i went to ABM :3 ofcourse this time they didnt go like "heeeeey wasan!!!!" since isa is back to japan & there will be no dirty questions to ask. oh well...
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