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December 17 [Tue], 2013, 10:59

Fieberbrunn and Dongguan, Bobby Brown, also from Los Angeles, the relationship has been good. This offseason, along with four brothers and even practice a ball game, Jeter gave him as a big brother to share the experience of playing in China, "Jeter I often chat because he played second year CBA, several of us are The first year, he would give me some advice. most important recommendation is to focus attention on everything. "Trick training into the 500-thirds less than four seconds before they give up comnike air max tn 2013
pletely run gamesDiplomatic generally self-assessment does not hide his light. In addition to the top ranked fourth in scoring, Gibson's most impressive, he had a few pointers precise and fast forward speed of the ball, both of which touches like Jeter and his fellow. December 8 away against Qingdao, Gibson just 1.3 seconds before the whistle to "foot stand" position dropped into third quasi-lore, was brought back to the mansions first away victory of the season, "I feel really great I like to throw this lore, this is my first time in Chinese lore ball into the childhood dream of this kind of lore on time. "Speaking here, Gibson's eyes were full of pride.Enjoy the lore behind the moment, Gibson's efforts also unimaginable. A day before the start of training routine, and Sun HE M Gibson always so few people with early access to the arena to practice shooting, as compared to the talent, he believes that practice makes perfect truth, "or spend more time on the training ground, you have to have the number of shots to

ensure you turn out to be, the more the game the more prospective bidders. "According to Gibson introduced, generally speaking, he set himself the goal of one-third of the training, is dropped into 500 balls a day. When asked if they are interested to participate in the CBA All-Star three-point contest, Gibson indicated his willingness to react, "If I choose to go, of course I can go."If Beijing will really be able to keep the appointment, Gibson might also try the Skills Challenge, do not waste his fast ball speed. 2010 NBA All-Star Game, Devin Harris with 3.9 seconds achievement through the audience, creating a new Guinness World Records, the same can be shaped like a lightning Gibson nike air max light uk
ran what results "There is no test before, it may be less than 4 seconds and I think now is the fastest NBA John Wall, Westbrook, of course, their speed and I almost." It is true, there are a lot of Gibson blew describe speed nickname, such as shadow killer, such as Blur (literally blurred).OTC frequently amused reporters bluntly said Goofy times would consider wearing rainbow socksDown the court, Gibson put on a gray jacket, anxious to put his neck indent clothes to resist the cold wind outside the stadium. Eight days after that Christmas holidays abroad have long been accustomed Gibson fought for many years no family around day, "I was homesick, but in the team and his teammates had also good. Usually, I will wait for the American Friends After waking up, and talk to them through the network., and Chris Johnson will play NBA 2K games, I would choose the Thunder, the Heat or the Lakers. most good with who James is best to use in the game, of course, with him. "Gibson said.Attentive fans may have already noticed that many sessions this season, Gibson will always reveal

color socks, which under the yellow shoes against the background, it is particularly brisk, such as Shanxi time against red, blue against Bayi when pink lore when Qingdao. In a sense, socks and perhaps a way to express his personality, "Yes, (bright socks) and that is my style and I will continue to maintain that kind of color. Iridescence you say Can consider this fall . "Gibson said.Talk to the outside of the stadium's interesting, what Gibson chatterbox opened, before the diplomatic invisible, answering questions during Gibson also said a few jokes from time to time, amused by the presennike air presto 4 men's
ce of reporters. "There are fans in Hangzhou haze worry too much because you can not see the basket " "No, no, the arena lights well, do not worry." "When there is no Fisher dropped lore possessed feeling " "Not really, obviously he fishes like me." "When did you start playing basketball '" my mom I was 18 months from the beginning of play, ha ha, in the room put a basketball. "When a reporter at a before the second question that if reluctant to answer the next question, when he can opt out, Gibson said a "good", and then flew with a grin on his face, pretending to get up to leave.-14 Season CBA league regular season 14 today to go to war, sits at home men's basketball team to 87-83 win over Shanxi, Liaoning, end 4-game losing streak at the same time give the opponent nine-ga
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