Elephone P6000 Pro Tests - Cheap and good?

January 21 [Thu], 2016, 15:30
By Elephone P6000 Pro the Chinese company has recently introduced a new smartphone, which wants to convince technically and economically. Elephone aiming with the P6000 Pro and several other new models in the German market. However, additional import charges on anyway, and in case of warranty you have to be lucky. Your smartphone may have to be sent to China in the worst case again if the shop has no European stock. Our P6000 Pro smartphone was kindly provided by Elephone directly for this test. The dispatch has worked without problems, we had to bear itself only about 50 € import charges. In this Elephone P6000 Pro test we tell you whether it is worth buying from China.


The Elephone P6000 Pro appears at first glance very high. The frame is made of metal and also brushed back plastic makes a good impression. But one looks more closely, here and there the gaps no longer entirely accurate. In the price category, but in which we move here, which is absolutely unacceptable. Striking contrast is not quite as compact design. The 5.5-inch Elephone P6000 Pro is almost as big as the 6-inch Huawei Ascend Mate 7. The smartphone is also quite difficult. Compact construction costs now once more, which has the Asus CEO said at the time on an event and that's true here. When too large we would Elephone but not denote P6000 Pro with 155 x 76.3 x 8.9 mm at 5.5 inches, it is not holding the most compact smartphone in the market.

The back of the Elephone P6000 Pro is made of plastic can be removed. Below you not only get access to the two micro-SIM slots, but also to the memory card slot. The internal memory of 16 GB can be namely used simultaneously with two SIM cards. And here also comes the first hint of future owners. The Micro-SIM card of the first slot must not be inserted until it stops. About 1 mm space must be provided between the battery and the SIM card. Otherwise, the SIM is not read. We thought the SIM slot would be broken, but it is easily solved unfavorably.

Another plus point is replaced by the Elephone P6000 Pro for the removable battery. This has a capacity of 3,450 mAh and should enable a high runtime. Combined with the dual SIM feature runtimes of loosely over one day there. There is no quick charging function is available. In conjunction with the supplied 1A power supply, the charging time takes quite a long way with about 3.5 hours. On the back there is not only the 13-MP main camera with LED flash, but also a fingerprint scanner. This works really well. Annoying is that you first wake up the phone and then can use the scanner. Here we would have liked the solution of Huawei.

About the 5.5-inch full HD display of Elephone P6000 Pro there is a 5MP front camera. In addition, the earpiece, a proximity sensor and a light sensor. All sensors do a good job. When dialed the opposite sound but somewhat tinny. Man himself is also not transmitted perfectly. For normal phone calls but perfectly adequate. The reception is very good with both modules. Also, the WiFi and Bluetooth reception are good.

The GPS signal is detected quickly and the smart phone is so well for navigation.

Below the display can be found in the middle of Elephone P6000 Pro a sensitive home button, which also serves as a notification light. Works with different colors perfectly. And left beside right are two unlabeled sensitive buttons for Back and Options. We also had only "feel". But if the entire size of the display is used after all.

Something unfortunate position of the Micro-USB port at the top. If you load the Elephone P6000 Pro, the cable will depend on while leveraging. After the cable is in itself a little longer than we are accustomed.

You will find the microphone and the speaker at the bottom. The sound is ok, but the volume is much too low. In YouTube videos in a normal room without much noise you often have to choose the maximum volume, whereas in other devices the same volume is achieved at about 60%.

Included with the Elephone P6000 Pro also includes a flip cover with a round neckline. There, the time is displaying, you can answer calls and control the music player. Unfortunately by the LED for notifications is obscured. Thus one can also protect the display and the back.


The Elephone P6000 Pro comes with a large 5.5 inches IPS display and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The presentation is very good and the brightness was absolutely sufficient. Even in direct sunlight you can still see something, the reflections are quite high, as with any smartphone. Included is a "Premium tempered Glass 9H +", which we have applied directly. Actually, the display would also be so by Gorilla Glass 3 well protected. The colors look very natural, in the settings under Display and Miravision allows the screen more optimize very many options. So everyone can find the perfect setting for users themselves.


Inside the Elephone P6000 Pro MediaTek MT6752 a 8-core processor operates at 1.7GHz per Cortex-A53 core, which are 3 GB RAM. In the barely fitted surface performance is extremely good. It comes Android 5.0 Lollipop used. All apps and games start quickly and run mostly liquid. But some of Gameloft games jerk for no apparent reason. There are after prolonged use also downturns. Where the smartphone partially unresponsive for several seconds, can not be send in standby and not unlock with the fingerprint scanner. Everything is sluggish and slow. Then helps only a reboot. Came with us as every two days ago. Should therefore be corrected, if possible with an update.

battery pack

As mentioned above, the battery is in Elephone P6000 Pro a capacity of 3,450 mAh. The smartphone was used all the time with a T-Mobile and Tchibo-SIM with dual SIM. One of the two cards can simultaneously use the 4G or 3G network, while the other card then runs on 2G. In normal operation, so we came to a duration of approximately 1 to 1.25 days ago. More was not possible. There is also an unsightly software error that appears at a remaining battery time of 15%. From there, the smart phone is only a few seconds available. Of course it was a nice surprise, as the smartphone suddenly rapidly degraded after having ventured with 30% evening out and actually only about 1 hour running time was inside. You load in between on, displaying the remaining term will again work correctly. The display on-time is about 4 hours. But even here, the hibernation consumes almost always 30% of the battery. That is definitely too much and provides this rather moderate maturities of fairly large batteries. Even for these problems would have an update here.


In addition to the performance and the battery life, the camera is one of the most important features of a smartphone. In Elephone P6000 Pro a 13-MP main camera is installed, which is supported by an LED flash. There is a Sony IMX214 sensor with f / 2.0 aperture. The quality of pictures and videos can convince only in certain situations. Especially in bright and very dark situations, the sensor has his own difficulties. Will you use the HDR mode as an aid, a tripod is necessary to have it. The shutter lag is much too large, and even with lean manages almost no sharp photo. In normal mode you have to touch almost every situation in the darkest place, so that the brightness adjustment is adjusted. Since this may be just too dark, as you can see in our gallery. In HDR mode colors are often presented also to be bleached.


The Elephone P6000 Pro comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop and only a few adjustments. The performance in the system is thus very good. Nevertheless, it is possible, for example, customize the appearance of the display or the dual SIM function. There is also the possibility to program the fingerprint scanner, set or adjust the notification LED gestures for when you switch the display. Everything is visually very nice integrated into the system.

Elephone P6000 Pro Conclusion

The Elephone P6000 Pro leaves a mixed impression. On the one hand you get a well-equipped smartphone at a low price, which also is still very high, has a dual SIM function with LTE, microSD slot and functioning fingerprint reader, on the other hand are a few critical software ERRORS, which must be corrected, if possible immediately , Who imports the smartphone from China, also bears the risk of this having to send them to China at an exchange, if the fault is acknowledged at all. If you can live with the problems and risks that may like to grab P6000 Pro for Elephone. We have the smartphone now for four weeks in use and are quite impressed. It would have to stop only the annoying software errors are eradicated.