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article 4 Press release . 20/10/2008 (Mon)
Press release

New Amazing translator

Translate to 10 languages in one Electrical Dictionary

Melbourne Australia-October.16, 2008- Maox Corporation today announced the new Amazing Electrical Dictionary “MaoD the world” which we never have. They go to sell that new dictionary tomorrow. There are included 10 different languages - English, Spanish, French, Chinese (mandarin and Cantonese), Japanese, Korean, German, Italy and India. So we will be available to translate each language. And there are include more than 10 applications are being offered to customers if they want.
The new dictionary is all the revolutionary features of dictionary. I guess nobody have never seen this kind of dictionary.

Many of these applications is new, we can translate one language to two languages at same time. Also we can study which country speak which language, and we can study about culture too. So if you go to travel foreign country, before you go there you can study with just this dictionary. And very special function is voice translation. When you go to travel you can understand what local people say, that time you can use this function. The dictionary in include microphone already. Just take out this and catch the voice which local people say. And immediately the dictionary translates to your language. So when you go to travel that time you don’t need to hire interpreter. And you can communicate yourself with them.

This dictionary is good for the parson who wants to study more than 4 languages, and often go to travel. If you go to travel foreign country in the foreseeable future, how about to try to use this dictionary?
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article 3 . 20/10/2008 (Mon)
coming soon
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Article 2 web writing . 20/10/2008 (Mon)
Different Life between in Japan and in Australia

I have been here Australia for 2 and half year. There are many differences my life between Japan and Australia.


It is really hard thing in Austria life for me. Because Its really complicate to tell what I want to tell in English. English and Japanese are totally different language of course.
When I came I couldn’t speak English at all even I studied it for 6years (junior high school and High school) because Japanese education in English is almost grammar.
So, I could say just “hello” “how are you?” “Thank you” and something like that. And I didn’t have custom to speak English. So I took a lot of time to speak English in my life.
Nowadays I’m getting better to talk but there are many misunderstanding and I still scare to speak whether I mistake……..

International friend

This is the happiest thing for me, because I could get a lot of friends who came from different country. There are many international people such as Chinese, Indian, Columbian, Korean, Thai, Europeans, and Australian of course. I didn’t know about that before I came to here. I thought just Australian and few international people.
If I stayed in Japan forever, I couldn’t meet them, and I couldn’t study with my classmate, talk, share our culture, and drink.

Live without my family.

I had never been lived without my family before came to here. I thought it is natural that when I back to home dinner all prepared, and when I was in trouble my parents helped me. But In here I have to do everything myself. And also I never thank for my parents, because I didn’t know how important family are. So I think it is good to know about that in Australia.

There are many hard things and diffirent things in here but if I didn’t come to here I couldn’t become adult thinking, and I couldn’t thank to my family. And I could have good experience in here. So I never regret to come to Australia.
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blog . 12/10/2008 (Sun)
What is blog?
Blog is one of web site which we can easily to have blog account and we can express journal and our opinion on the web individually.


We can get blog account easily.
We just prepare mail account, type our detail and we can get blog account.

It’s free.
If we want to make our space on web, sometimes webpage we need pay to rent ,but almost blog is free!! (Except options)

Everything contains on blog site
There are everything which you need for blog.
If we make our website we have to know about difficult html.
But there are all organized, just type the words and upload images whatever you want. (If so you have to choose HTML version)

We can upload Music, Photos, and Movies!!

There are many kind of blog such as Photoblog, Sketch blog, Vlog (video blog), Mp3blog (music), and podcasting.
We can be sharing these with your friends and family on the web!

Everyone can use!!
Young generation people old generation people everyone can make blog.
We don’t need to care about age. Even you don’t know internet much you can use.
U need just to know how type your key board!! It’s easy!
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