but my heart from beginning to end

February 20 [Thu], 2014, 12:49
75. was not so spent in penance in this life? our friendship is not so quietly end? is not so once you miss me? was not previously pure feelings is hypocritical? this is not my thoughts are not thoughts? . 76 he was waiting for you, even I; are you waiting for someone else, even though others may never care about you, you are willing, so you loved each other and so on, and so I know. 77. years, such as flow, Shaohua evanescent, youth no longer in search of traces of former times still good, instant graduation, flower jade June, dream smoke again, we confidently pursue our personality, creating Our future, in years past, although there is no educated car, adequacy, but we do have a clear conscience, silent imagine, this last three years, our laughter, we have broken problem, we experiment and innovation, we have squandered too, sometimes rampant over, we had hard work, good years are still flowing from the fingers, but we do not stay burberry T-Shirt men in the past, we will use a positive and optimistic attitude to face the future challenges of the future, with faith in our world of hard work, we will graduate with a starry outcome, with the stroke of a satisfactory conclusion.78. the day with you, most of my life time block music, as long as you can see, whether it is cloudy or rainy days, will become sunny, even though you are not perfect, you also have many drawbacks often offend me,

but my heart from beginning to end, you have only one, simply can not tolerate other people, in the end how should I do to make you accept me, I really miss you, this life , afterlife afterlife, never separated. 79. everything you have done for me, I know, but I did not dare admit, afraid to face, I do not understand is a treasure, do not know how to love a person, after losing valuable know, I know I hurt you, you forgive me? Properly compensate you in the coming days. . 80 how it all in the end, I asked to spend, spend silent; I asked the heavens, raining busy; Let me ask you, you say, I do not know. Is it going so grown old. 81. memories of former times, those vague memories still does not disappear, unknowingly left the bustling Renhuan, then let the soul of the universe swim between heaven and earth. . 82 living like a net, sooner or later bound life; life is like a net, only the strong will tear it. People who do not work hard, life has been tied, and so my mediocre, but a life of slavery only. 83. two days can go home, and I miss the gate source, burberry dresses miss Polar cafe, miss that rainy day, miss, and you walk the street, really good memory, you can see at home. Good looking ... 84. wine taste, love is what flavor, they taste the same. What is the smoke smell, taste anything lonely, they are also a taste.
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