but because the devil restrictions

June 06 [Thu], 2013, 12:18
"As the sword!" The Baiding display superior technical rating sanding falling on attack, sky feather chose not to dodge, but pressed dark snake sword, in an instant, chop a composed of thousands of thunder the sword, shake mountains and rivers carry potential, cut in three bronze Ding will fall from the sky to split heavily. "Boom!" A loud noise, two powerful attacks hit together, suddenly burst into a terrible storm of destruction, in order to speed the spread to the surrounding, slammed into the Baiding chest, he shook the vomit blood, s è pale face. On the injury not light the Baiding quickly back on the occasion, rely on purple Hua Xuan Yi strong defense, resist the destruction of storm cloud day at a very fast speed in the big surprise before losing s è witch Baiding, their fate three palm against his chest. "Boom!" Their fate sky feather three palms, chop life palm awn hit, the Baiding regardless of physical injury,Nike Jordan 10 Sale, in the control yuan infusion into double hands to dodge. But in the Baiding abruptly resist destiny three palm attack, increased body injury, cloud plume strength through space-time dream, suddenly amplitude six times speed, appeared in behind him, forced the sting out of the night snake sword, stabbed the Baiding back, his body piercing, a lot of blood gushed out immediately. "No, Bai ding." A shadow interweaves stick, gradually suppresses Jin Yuan ch á O and Jin Yuanhai attack the Shiyin saw the Baiding back was the snake Sword Pierced a, eyes immediately become red blood, an unstoppable killing in his body erupts, a seismic back Jin Yuan ch á O and the sea of Jin Yuan brothers the two brothers were, trying desperately to sky feather attack. "Puff!" Crazy witch Shiyin angry attack, sky feather face betrayed no fear of s è,Air Jordan Store, quickly pulled back into the Baiding back through the snake sword, when the Shiyin face, gently waved, will the Baiding head cut down, a blood great column immediately spray Chung out. "You have killed hundreds of Ding, I will destroy you all." See the sky feather kill the Baiding scene, the Shiyin like a mad lion, crazy to attack the sky plume. And see the sky cast the sword that thunderous plume hard sanding falling dust, and suddenness will he kill one, all wrapped Jin Yuan ch á o, Jin Yuanhai, was Yun Tianyu's strength to regret. After all,Air Jordan Son Of Mars, this degree of leapfrog enemy, has gone far beyond their imagination. "He is, he will be the Baiding killed, how could he have so strong strength." See the sky feather amazing strength, glassy-eyed Jin Xiaodan heart quaked, look at Yun Tianyu's eyes had undergone a subtle change. "Jin Jia, Hayahaya Suke I will kill the dog." Although the sky feather to use all of the cards, be strong enough to kill five holy, but because the devil restrictions, can use the low-grade day for Yun Tianyu had to resort to a shocked Jin Yuan ch á o two. "Good!" Jin Yuan ch á O and Jin Yuanhai looked at each other, quickly took a healing elixir, a partial recovery of the consumption power of reason, summon baby wing, flying from the void, >
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