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September 21 [Fri], 2012, 22:24
i'm here for a short update about work.
Well, things have been alright until Wednesday.
i believe my carelessness led to my current wound. :/

This is what my wound looked like on Wednesday after seeing the doctor.
What happened, you ask?
Well, i was trying to place some crabs inside the crab tank.
And because i was careless, without realizing my finger was near the crab pincer, i got pinched HARD by a crab.
And because of that, my off day extended another 3 days. Meaning my off day on Tuesday got extended to Friday. Lmaos. In the form of MCs.
And hell, it isn't fun. The feeling of being pinched by them bloody pincers hurts so goddamn fucking bad you don't even know how to react.
The pain i felt just freaked me out so bad. After i informed my chef of my injury, i just didn't know what to do.
i washed away the blood as much as i could, it was a serious flesh wound. i was shaking, i was in pain, i was in shock.
Oh hell, after everything sank inside my head and the shock decided to fade away, the pain shot up and BAM, i started crying.
Esther ran down from the office to attend to me, Chef was worried, everyone was freaking out over me. God. i felt like such a troublemaker and a burden then and there.
And because of that i just kept crying non stop.
i couldn't stop. i mean, the very first time i placed crabs into the tank, i get myself into such a situation.
Well, that aside, my wound is healing right now. My MC ends today and i'm going back to work starting tomorrow.

It kinda looks gross, i know. All the blood clots and everything. But well, i have to deal with this because its my finger. :/
Its gonna take about maybe a week or two to recover. And even if it recovers, there might be a scar. Mehh, who knows.
At least right now, i dare say i feel really doted on by my chef.

i mean, look at this. He sent me a text just to check on me on Wednesday night. i smiled at the text because i felt the care. And i feel really really doted on and spoilt.

This is something i decided to make despite my injury for the 2 most doting people in the kitchen towards me. i would make something for the rest of the kitchen crew, but its just these particular 2 who gets this extra something cor being really caring towards me. ?

Well, thats it from me for now.
i'll be back soon, maybe.
Until then, jaa ne!
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