reconsider my priorities and my master is really at the top of list

November 28 [Thu], 2013, 17:22

I don't understand. It is the first time in thirty years of career as the France isn't represented elected Miss model of world. It was a beautiful gift! They are irresponsible, both! », exclaims Geneviève de Fontenay. The Lady with the hat, Honorary President of the Committee Miss prestige, isn't very happy. Currently, takes place in China an international election called Miss model of world, including the final will be held Saturday. But no Miss is gone to present the tri-colored scarf. However, historical French beauty contest Organizer made the proposal successively at Miss Franche-Comté and Lorraine...

In the spring, Geneviève de Fontenay had chosen sovereign Amandine Guyon, Miss Franche-Comté, to go to China. The top Doubienne was flattered but also very surprised because she had not been elected national Miss.

Impossible for the student

But a few weeks ago, coup de Théâtre. Geneviève de Fontenay otherwise the Franc-Comtoise. "I don't want too stir this story. But she does never sent me a Word to thank me. I have never seen it. It was still a one month trip, all expenses paid in China in luxurious hotels! No one spoke even a stay in Dole! ', supports the Honorary President.

In Franche-Comté, the version is a little different. Amandine Guyon and its regional delegate Marie - Jo Bonnot, is the candidate who accessoryplus would have declined the offer. "Amandine serious studies done at the University of Brussels. It was impossible to leave a month. It is his choice to pass his studies in the foreground. I do not say that the election of miss are not serious but I understood his decision. "It is the choice of wisdom, a very responsible girl ', supports the regional delegate. The version of Geneviève thus surprises the local Manager. «Amandine prevented the President of the Committee that she would not leave. I imagine that his choice had not pleasing and that some had to be upset. This is not very fair to let doubt like that. Especially that Amandine pursuing studies in international conflict resolution; "so it's a bit hard to think that she has created a", smiles Marie-Jo Bonnot.

Amandine Guyon, the Miss Franche-Comté who just give back her Crown at an election in the Jura, also explains: "the honour that was me in having chosen me not made me reconsider my priorities and my master is really at the top of list."

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