January 29 [Sat], 2011, 9:39
Life can be boring when the fun dies down...Having bitches running their mouths around in spreading disgusting insults and rumours is the last thing I want.

There is no such thing as someone "Stealing" Someone's ex boyfriend? LIKE WTF? Clearly it's an EX meaning there's no longer any string attracted so I dunno why these bitches are constantly on my case? I go out with who I want and it wasn't me who asked the guy anyway...He was attracted me first.

Am vain yeah? And so what? At least I have the courage to tell people in their face careless of the time or space....That what they're saying is immature and annoying. I take good pics of myself because I like looking pretty and posing and my dream is to become a make up artist...And so what if I use too much make up or try new colours to brighten up my day? This is art and the ability to FUCK people in their faces and show them I wish not to care what an ordinary girl should behave or act...Cus I am me and people are different.

Jealousy in a girl can drive them crazy. It's something that can't be helped but if they learn to shut their fat mouths then I'm pretty sure the world can rest in peace.

No offence? is only a term that's been used and abused quite too often. No offence but you're a slut? No offence but you're not cute, you're ugly. LOOOL Plzzzzz don't say something you don't mean, because No offence you do mean to offend someone...Clear and straightforward. Why act innocent when deep inside you only wish to play the victim?

There are sweet girl's out there that I know off and they're a true friend, true and pure hearted kind souls, no twisted personality behind their true smiles and words.

However...Where there is nice, there's the bitches that act sweet to get guys to think "awwwww kawaii...." Acting like they're innocent, playing dumb, telling stupid lies and making up stories about their background when clearly they're not Japanese, not Korean, not even fucking Chinese...Can't they accept the fact that they're Thai? Viet? Indonesian? Yes, LEDC countries...The countries of the not so developed, nothing special...Just a random country that is in no league to even be compared to Japan or Korean or even China....But really ....So what? If that's how you view your parents and your family...then you obviously have problems, mental issues in not being able to face reality and live in a mini fantasy world of lies....

Wannabes? LOL!

OFC there're wannabe's...And natural interest / hobbies. My friends study hard to learn Jap, Chinese and kor....LOL that's because they are hard working people who take upon a wonderful interest in the culture and admire the countries and history, language, food, anime etc. Why waste your time being a faker...When you can explore and learn to admire.
Things that you can't be in a million years...Can be admired....Instead of having crazy obsessions in claiming that you're this or that....

Another thing. Being working class citizen's is something to be proud of, so not the opposite right? Some bitches out there think acting rich is the WAY! LOL clearly nope that's not how it works....Playing poor is easier than playing rich ~ Get with reality...Be proud of your background and who you really are.

Lies are fine as long as it doesn't hurt others. No human out there can claim to have never lied...Kids lie, adults lie. But make sure it isn't what I would call "fantasy stories". <<< These are used to impress people...T make others admire you for who you claim to be....For others to think differently about you...Just to stand out LOL! Fake and stupid.

Now...Another thing. LOL ....Voices....Some girls pitch their voices so high and talk like babies LOL. Freaking mad right? But as far as Japanese culture goes it's polite. But for non Japs to actually do it to sound cute is *Vomit* I have ppl I know with natural high sweet voices...You can tell by their lip movement LOL....If it looks strained then oops you've met a weirdo.

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