moment later has come just lurking

May 30 [Thu], 2013, 17:41
The 118th chapter text] successfully rescued 6 spread many suicide method, is through the consumption of their own blood Shou yuan, make oneself temporarily can have very strong strength, and different levels of self-mutilation work effect is not nearly the same. It works can be divided into top, fine, medium,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 UK, low, four levels. The top works cast time is very short, less consumption of blood can make strength increases greatly. Good work, need to consume more blood, casting time is very short, but strength increases with the top power difference. And the secondary power, lower power again, requires a lot of life essence and blood, their work very long time, but the strength growth but not many. But even so it works in the big 6 is also very rare, this kind of method is mostly the family collection, not easy to teach others. "Boom!" Heard a loud sound shaking heaven and earth in front of the noise, a huge dust waves suddenly surge in the sky,Air Jordan Outlet, so that the original run wildly peak one Leng, immediately again ran to the front, the rear of a group of ice and snow bear still growled at follow. "I hope the girls and the elderly can support for a moment, or I can have this adventure has this group of ice bear." Peak mind flashing, as if the body into the wind, repeatedly shaking has rushed out of the extreme distance. Peak in the measure their strength may not be 100% rescued two people, had chosen this group of ice and snow bear to come over, want to eliminate the two crisis! It borrows play force although feasibility greatly, still can be very dangerous. "Whew!" The peak of the body of a road across the ghost, a moment later has come just lurking under the ancient trees, to look ahead, and saw that the middle-aged and young girl free standing on the bare ground, evil laugh youth that use swords of teasing the face pure girl "Okay, did not run in vain, but short time, the old man died on the spot." Peak frowning slightly, but the body did not stay, severely kicked the ground, filled with five psychic mottled aura, as Changhong through the day as across a very straight, straight toward the evil laugh young. "Ho ho ho" as the peak behind,Poppy Collection Coach UK, is a sound startled day enraged Beast roar sounded in vain, so that the presence of all one Leng, then hurriedly abide prestige goes. "Hiss" they see the scene, together with a gasp, I saw more than ten head size ice bear growling mad beast like running forward, glittering and translucent white fur jade - like a clear, sharp teeth flashing Sen cold cold long grass, was mad as follow a face sallow middle-aged man suddenly rushed. "Die!" While everyone stunned moment, peak suddenly roared, voice carrying rumbling, left foot was a kick in the earth, the body is like lightning to evil laugh man shoot up, hands and thick soil sword carrying a mountain stone strange force suddenly broke down! "Bang!" Evil laugh youth hastily raised his sword against, both instantaneous collision together, suddenly the huge sound explosion, a visible effort ripples >
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