Mobile Bao Dou robbers

August 26 [Fri], 2011, 15:51
PLA submarine How to guard the credibility of Hong Kong Red Cross Hong Kong Red Cross Secretary-General
exclusive dialogue Chen Qiming , the operation of the solution Xi Yu Chi . Dairy situation is not a shield for the new national Biao Biao
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mobile Bao fighting robbers

save lives stolen companion

Xinhua News Agency today, a Reuters Australia were 89 -year-old woman to hand Bao repel robbers armed with knives , rescue coerced companions .

old woman in an interview Shi pseudonym Jane , she said, Ben 26 in Melbourne city shopping, the next stop in a Mi Che field with two friends to chat . Suddenly a man near a knife pointed at her friend 82 -year-old Mary , portable cable Jiao Bao . She immediately shot , hit with Bao robbers face.

Sui later, a man passing by came to the rescue. Robbers escape driving Che , but Che was a note card . Police said David Miller , Mary Jane Huo fought the robbers , kinds of things , she also shot .

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