Cheng Zhuo really on the battlefield

November 11 [Mon], 2013, 14:42
First, China's special forces will definitely listen to Guo Cheng Zhuo command, Canada Goose Citadel not just his position, but also because of his ability. And no matter how extensive the Iraqi special forces are high, but Guo humble sincere, humble and Guo Cheng levels can not be more than a little bit of a difference, they are all full of worship Guo Cheng Zhuo. Moreover, Guo Cheng Zhuo president Uday in their hearts into the status nor the other can be compared, Uday Zhuo Guo Cheng is absolute trust, do not say those special forces, Major General Abdul smaller than that. It can be said, no one has qualified in front of Guo Cheng Zhuo was Joseph. , Full text Hand saw Guo Cheng Zhuo adamant he is here, plus the highest office, according to Uday's command, is also affected by his temperance Abdul, so we advise forced to agree after a while Zhuo Guo Cheng's proposal. See Guo Cheng Zhuo really on the battlefield, surrounded by Iraqi soldiers was deeply moved. When the position of the "Sand Scorpion" special forces convened to elect Pops, those receiving Chinese instructors trained special forces one volunteered to request to enter commandos. The position on the "sand scorpion" Uday personally sent special forces are, in part, to protect the position of the key in a safe place, part of it is to protect Guo Zhuo Cheng months into the safe, they are distributed in the periphery Kuo Cheng Zhuo, internal layer there Sun Xingguo personally guards. There are several entry had received Guo Cheng Zhuo hand pointing, also saw a personal experience or that Guo Cheng Zhuo jǐng that beat unarmed guard platoon into the process, so Guo Cheng Zhuo filled with awe. Once you see something set down, Guo Cheng Zhuo personally selected six "Sand Scorpion" special forces into the squad, which will enter with him, Sun Xingguo, He Xiaohu, together with a total of nine to sè go out into the commando against. Those selected Iraqi special forces a surprise exception, they really are thinking: Ha, this also meritorious and certainly there is great merit into even sordid think, if not this time feats, and by virtue of Guo Cheng Zhuo Uday good relationship, again won medals, promotion is an easy thing again. According to Guo Cheng Zhuo command, these special forces quickly found a variety of night-needed equipment, communications equipment, weapons, clothing. And other preparatory work almost, Guo Zhuo Cheng did not say anything too much, and Abdul, etc. into the farewell, he took Zhezhi squad off. Because Sun Xingguo hearing wonders, he naturally open at the front as the vanguard; He Xiaohu agile, dangerous high sensitivity, holding automatic rifles and smoke bombs, grenades guard and observe as vanguard hand; an Iraqi lieutenant colonel named Mahmoud is holding a machine gun fire as masking member. Two into either side of the rear guard in the Sun Xingguo, three of them into the composition of the first group, code-named a1, a2, a3. The second group is the middle fire support group composed of a 名叫海达尔 Iraqi colonel commanding, he is also sniper weapon is in the hands of a sniper rifle. There are two of his men in Iraq "sand scorpion" commandos players, a burly guy holding a small rocket launcher and rockets, as heavy firepower udarnik. Another body is very strong players will shoulder heavy machine guns, ready to provide fire support for the front panel, you can also play for fire break or off, they are white spoon code is b1 to b3. The third group by acting as a guard called Sarrazin led Iraqi lieutenant colonel. The three of them into the charge off, charge arrangement, laying booby traps, when fighting for emergency support. Guo Cheng Zhuo naturally in the ranks of the middle front position, holding his hand is a sight with night vision sniper rifle. They do not have to sè column directly toward engagement with Syria place, but toward a valley called camel bone. According to Guo Cheng Zhuo analysis to sè out commando estimate is suddenly confronted with Syrian soldiers, and this fight is certainly not in their plans within the white spoon, they do not expect La Jieha chief of staff will be there suddenly into . Because it is unexpected encounter, so they just hide the rush, was Syrian Timberland Men's Radler Trail Camp soldiers found then a brief exchange of fire between the two. Although sè out victory, their bodies were brought back, but one should live in the darkness of special operations forces concerned, this action can be said to fail due to accident, exposing them to come and go in this area fact. In order not to affect subsequent actions, in order not to affect the position of the attack on Iraq, Guo Cheng Zhuo considered to sè out commando will temporarily retreat, trying to Syria and Iraq is a normal force caused them the illusion that they create a make a cheap attack on the illusion left, allowing Syria to relax jǐng vigilant, especially in Iraq. But they did not think of that branch in Syria with Chinese special forces team accompanying protection. And He Xiaohu immediately through a variety of clues to determine that they are not ordinary troops but by sè Liemosade owned by commandos, and the first time told Guo Zhuo Cheng. Since the Mossad commandos suddenly encountered Syrian troops to Iraq positions, while their chagrin, will surely be surprised that sensitive side they'll retreat to weakness numbness Syria and Iraq, but also to their white spoon while superiors Syrian military officers to Iraq positions report the facts: This is a noteworthy new trends. Bossuyt joint significance at this time, no matter how value can not be overemphasized, and even larger than China's new anti-aircraft missiles and electronic-interference machine they sè columns affected. Because at this critical moment, when the Iraqi border from Jordan to kill them to sè column will be very passive, because they have been heavily concentrated in the Lebanese border, while the rear empty. By Chinese fighters to lay new air defense missiles, air defense missiles do not say China is not much, lay aircraft is very limited, even if the failure is really nothing but air combat tactics failed. However, if for Iraq thus rounded to canada goose toronto outlet sè out that strategic failure. Even in the future will be expelled Iraqi forces, but also to the world into a column, but also so to sè impression, even their own territory could not restrain a strong country can go? Therefore, Guo Cheng Zhuo soon conclude Mossad commando camel bone is temporarily break ground and wait for orders of superiors place. He even suspected adverse Zhezhi go commando white spoon will change their mind and turn to attack Syrian positions, first the whole was appalled Syria did not dare naughty again, if so, he is very likely to miss with each other, the next step have to re-set goals or one thousand crisp go home. Guo Cheng Zhuo mind while thinking about these issues, while directing the Zhezhi ten into small teams composed along ridges sè silently in the night before the trip. Kuo Cheng Zhuo relative uncertainty, other income is completely different, both Chinese special forces or Iraqi special forces, are not a suspect Guo Zhuo Cheng into judgment, since all that Guo Cheng Zhuo said to be included in the camel bone sè , then they in camel bone, right there waiting for them to kill door. Contrary Guo Cheng Zhuo suspected opponents will not follow their own ideas to think about the problem. Said Mossad weakness, paralysis, said they want Iraq, Syria nerves, this is just wishful thinking Kuo humble sincerity into speculation, perhaps they are suddenly received an order to retreat, or because they are too big to escape the damage These variables are normal. However, the facts did not let Guo Zhuo Cheng disappointed. As they approached the camel bone near mountain when walking in front of the Sun Xingguo through the throat microphone sent a signal: "find the enemy" All the players have to find their own position lurking ready, Guo Cheng Zhuo quietly sneak into Sun Xingguo side: "What happens?" Sun Xingguo whispered: "in front of the enemy into the hillside. hear voices, they are arranged in front of us of a dark two sentry below the mountain roads are also arranged to start, And they also have infrared night vision. "Guo Zhuo Cheng raised infrared night vision binoculars looking at each other and asked:" how many are they into? "Sun Xingguo very uncertain and asked:" too far away, you can not hear , about sixty into. "At this time, the Iraqi colonel who called Haidar climb over, Guo Cheng Zhuo happy and whispered:" header, we do not dive into them a guy behind them one thousand? them in the mountains Behind did not seem to enter. "Guo Zhuo Cheng shook his head no and said:" We do not need to take the risk. Anyway they have to come out, we wait in front of them, give them set up a few good things for them to eat. "Taking into account the other party is Iraqi officers, Guo Cheng Zhuo whispered added, "We're into the small number of attack from one direction can not destroy them, if separate attack, our limited forces dispersed more No. You can not look at them in front of ordinary troops They are fighting as we have a very special forces, we enter as long as the death of a ten, even if these actions we fail. "Haidar think Guo Cheng Zhuo give him explain so much, my heart and admiration and gratitude. At this time, Sun Xingguo whispered: "Peak behind enemy into two into duty. Has night vision in the other case, we can not go around along the hillside. They are now reshuffle soon there will appear in the entry Peak. "Haidar dubious, has quietly come up with infrared night vision watching the summit. Sure enough, there is a figure appeared at the top and then go down. Seeing this, Haidar is ashamed of surprise, very surprised Sun Xingguo race course there are so sensitive hearing. At the same time he was more fortunate than his command this action, otherwise, their lead us so in the past, non-disastrous impossibility. Here they quietly stayed ten minutes, on the distant crash of metal sounded muffled stone, the Sun Xingguo towards Guo Zhuo Cheng made a gesture: "They want action, immediately towards our side come. "With Guo Zhuo Cheng made a gesture, this small force along the antecedents quietly retreat. White spoon fast enough but they are based on each other's speed to control the speed, and to ensure that their nearest to sè soldiers have at least one column of the movement falls into the ears of Sun Xingguo ensure that the other party will not escape from their white spoon control range. > 13 & # p; text first, welcome readers to log in. Read more.
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