I hid in a corner covered with leaves

September 09 [Mon], 2013, 14:54
once, elegant leaves, has been considered the most beautiful love is to understand, is the Heart Xiangxie is only care about a person's sadness and joy, love and sorrow, never put a person in mind and always believed that there is a love without phase Shou, do not care about margin deep shallow edge only know how soon, you can in-depth bone marrow, into life, knowing each other Xiangxi, heating two know each other. Should, elegant leaves, a relationship is a loving practice, a reunion is a gift, then, if love, please cherish! Because previous life I will certainly ask for a thousand years under the Bodhi tree, in exchange for this life only to meet with you friend, because I still would like to use this life juniors fireworks, for you I, happiness. Eileen Chang said: I have been looking for that feeling and that in the cold days, he gets a pair of warm hands, practical sense to move forward. I really want to turn into a red leaves, flowing with you, into the soil, waiting for the coming year germination; really want to hold your hand, and you hugged in the crowd outside, landscape, between the Intrigue The spectrum of a genre flower incense riparian snowy night; to; Fourth Army, "the base of taste; Sesame Beef Puff Pastry"; new balance 999 womens to; Nver "wine alley looking; Sanweishuwu" in the collection for a long time the rocket leaves; to; elegant children's clothing store "look; Andersen" in; Emperor's New Clothes "; to see that Beijing Fragrant leaves flowing in the moon and under the watch Elixir of Love.

However, in this somewhat chill of autumn, I hid in a corner covered with leaves, imagine all the happiness in this life are able to share with you, all my dreams have your smile, all the days have you accompany , all of the romance are relevant to you. For you, I am willing to spend their own fragrance, warm in there and thy years; was you, I would turned into a butterfly, follow where your horizon. fond deep dash, doubted see drunk fleeting. Autumn sometime, I turned into autumn, leaves kissed elegant rooms filled with fallen flowers at the slightest wisps of Acacia. Thoughts, sad and beautiful, yearning, pain and happiness. Otherwise, the legend of how Vega will be so moving, Butterfly's eternal farewell how would that kind of lingering. habit leaves in each elegant with the stillness of the night, I look forward to your elegant figure in each innumerable twists and turns dreams for your sink, Knots, knot knot Iraqi Department, who is Acacia , endless rain, pliant? Who is infatuation, not the Red nostalgic sigh? In this elegant leaves of Acacia season, I still keep a touch of tenderness crazy, drunk with you in the depths of time, do not say you're sorry. flowing with leaves in every season, you are my lips share lost in the warm, bring a ray miss miss you every night in winding, with innumerable twists and turns in the time you read love and sorrow, in a time where Homecoming feel new balance 991 mens your happiness and sadness, only in that gentle bow in said loudly: take care of themselves, safe and healthy; sincere eternity, Forever. Tonight, indulge in elegant colored leaves, and you dance; previous life, I shall be your eyebrows sinking cinnabar mole, I, in good faith with an eternal promise, will you wrapped around my tender years; life, I willing to be your kind of love under the spell, if reincarnated, I still continued life and you were unfulfilled love. read you miss, in the deepest mortal world; want you to read you in the elegant leaves, the dust has settled.
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