~Pretty Colours~ 

2006年10月17日(火) 11時59分
Paint my nails in the afternoon. This time I just used clear nail polish with DHC glitter green and some red glitters.
I really like it!!! Next time I'm going to try another glitter
colour, maybe gold with pink..

Brought a new eyeshadow, it has three shades: black with glitter,
sliver and white.I really like it!! So pretty .. I also brought a new blush colour. Pinkish with glitters.. hehe
I'm really into glitters at the moment.

Eye colour trio - Shade: Smoky Grey AUD$24.95

Cheek Colour No. 4 AUD$19.95

*Black Berry Bush* 

2006年10月15日(日) 18時44分
**This Blythe is so pretty, she is my lastest favourite!!

"Black Berry Bush" inspired by Little Red Riding Hood comes with outfits of the Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma and the Wolf so she can play the roles of all the three characters in the tale. Capture the tale of the Little Red Riding Hood in Blythe style. The dress for the Little Red Riding Hood comes with a brown skirt and a white blouse and an apron so that she can deliver a bottle of wine, cheese and bread to her grandmother just like in the story. The red hood embroidered with red dots is reversible; you can enjoy the strawberry pattern on the other side, too! Wear the black vest and a pair of boots together with a pair of wolf ears , big enough to hear your voice.

Her skin is pale white, a special color and her Strawberry eye change charm is also a special edition. Furthermore, the package is also super special. You can use it as a backdrop for your play. It is as if Blythe has wandered into a forest in a fairy tale.

* Images and text from Blythedoll.com

**Shop & Shop** 

2006年10月15日(日) 18時08分
**Brought new fashion magazines from Kinokuniya.
CamCan and Cawaii...
Don't really like this month's issue of CamCan, a bit boring but their make up section is ok.

Also brought "LUCAS' PAPAW OINTMENT". Really good for dry/crack lipand cuts. Got it from Chemist. AUS$4.00

Had a yummy yummy "KrispyKream" today!! so naughty but it's very very yummy.. hahaJason and I brought a dozen of it .. I had 1 and Jason had 3.. and now, we've got 8 left!

Hugo- British Short Hair 

2006年10月04日(水) 13時18分

My baby cat

Name: Hugo
Sex: Male
D.O.B: 19.10.05
Breed: British Short Hair
Colour: Blue
Dam's Name: Marshallpark Wanda
Sire's Name: Marshallpark Sidney
Weight: 5kg
Favourite food: Cheese and Pizza
Favourite toy: his tunnel
Hobby: Sleeping, eating, catching flys

Beauty Products 

2006年10月03日(火) 15時32分
"Brought some products from The Bodyshop on sunday. Some are just for stock up, the rest I've never try before, hope it's good...Contains body lotion, make up and face products."

* Vitamin C Eye Reviver: eye cream for reducing dark circles/lines

* Tree Tea oil facial cleanser: Its for Jason, good for oily skin.

*Cocoa Butter body lotion: good for firming skin

*Cassis Rose perfume oil: I love this sent ! YUMMY YUMMY

*Sponge shadow brush: good for upper eyelid.

*Lip brush: I could use this as a concealer brush, very handy

First Entry... 

2006年10月03日(火) 13時07分
So happy!!! Finally open up this Blog...
So many things to say don't know what to start with first.
I will keep my blog updated at all time, please visit while you have time~!

*Tempeture: 25c

*Very sunny

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