The reason many people are not happy is that they do not like themselves

January 16 [Thu], 2014, 18:08
Commuting back to the original dream; while new home, what feeling did not gradually, infatuation has frozen over, clinging to naught, shake off the love, care nothing fact, raw ho there are so many things, and preservation can have for how long? Flowers always want to wither, the leaves will always litter, was saying; always colorful spring, there was; already baizhang ice cliff. Into a supermarket and see the most is how much shelf life is. How long shelf life? Let us pondered. For example, your ideals, your fighting spirit, your perseverance, your courage, your moral courage, your dignity, los angeles lakers jerseys and even your love? ready, always ready, I want to get my story house repainted, it a new look, and since then, always care, it is always clean and fresh, and I therefore often three times daily, purification of the mind, clean spirit, adhere to ethics , and always care of the good life, retain the most valuable thing, never; clear water in the spring, coming spring cloud!Happiness is like their own Xiao Di is a very introverted person, she exists or not in the office did not appeal to anyone all the attention. Once she said to me profoundly: I like this dust of the ground, every day existence, everyone stepping on it, but never obscure. I do not like myself,

I can not change myself. The reason many people are not happy is that they do not like themselves, such as appearance, personality, habits, background, intelligence, and so on. In short they are great on their own prejudices. It seems a small Di own prejudices is not small. these words a day is not much, it bought some new office, they are just out of school students, unrestrained enthusiasm vibrant. Office predecessors are full of admiration for them, after all we are the news organizations, is a passionate career, innovation is its vitality. one girl in particular, which has attracted the attention of others, a men set off her pretty face exceptionally handsome, the most important thing is that she has a very good character --- and no one to meet cooked. Less than half a day she and everyone in the office had a fair face mixed cooked. Her popularity heats up a few days in the office. The girl also hit the Grand Canal, a major story in an interview in which she spoke to an important leader of the party and the state, and also the chicago bulls jerseys co-leader of the shadow, this in itself has become our major news newspaper , regardless of the Assembly leadership will have to mention this little thing, that tone did nothing more than how many days she arrived in the newspaper, on the face fight for the newspaper. I know now face a dazzling mirror placed in front of a small Di,
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