Think of the rest of my life father of five

January 14 [Tue], 2014, 18:08
Once, he said to me:; Huang Bo (There is also a lesbian because tea plantation, also called Xiahe Machines, Machines Xiahe sometimes people call two people and promised, and sometimes both men as people who are looking towards did not answer, but then he said, such as who called. reasons for the difference, so I renamed the yellow waves. restore formerly left the plantation.), since you do nothing, that is, when farmers. I asked why? He said:; You see I have a job, do not eat for a lifetime change, but food to eat every day. So afraid to have nothing to do farming, while a worker, not necessarily someone to produce something. Think of the rest of my life father of five, Barber himself with food leaves are coarse paper bag soaked in kerosene and set fire miami heat jerseys to the hair after the scene, I just laugh. Dasan can say is magnificent, newly reclaimed land ridge both like tea tree terraced layers, surrounded by hills, like silver jade fluttering transitory man. When we enter Dasan, tea tree has emerged in the morning dew hanging on it was tender, and green small leaves, reflects the sun's rays, showing new life thrive, these young people bring us new hope. Tea tree as teams of soldiers, teams and tidy, all full of energy, it is the school of life, bringing the spirit of strength, but also a hope.Soon, we fell in love with this tea tree, Dasan; fell in love with this vibrant, full of hope, full of imagination and places of work. Weeding fertilizing, singing Dasan; mountains construction field, sweat sprinkled loess.

Really: youth reminders green mountains, laughter provision of open hillsides; tea tree thrive under the care of young people, farm workers who contribute to the Ministry constantly changed appearance. in tea plantation, I was deputy secretary of the Mission branch, the squad leader, the class of seven individuals, responsible for nearly acres Dasan. During the construction field work is very hard. Spring grass grow faster than tea tree, weeding heavy task. Summer, tea tree roots are not deep, every few days to keep the drought. Winter days to give tea tree basal buried. Because it is the first year, tea tree is also small, so soybeans and other species are also a lot of farm work. More and more tired of the job, the new field of ministry. Mountains repair base, a few kilometers from the river to transport sand, pick red brick built house. But we do not feel bitter and tired, young people with song and laughter, there seems to be tired. This year, young people in the community fashionable shave my head, tea plantation of our young men wholesale nfl jerseys china almost all of them are head monk, I am no exception. When I joined the new party activists commune courses, all day long wearing a hat dare peeled off, until the lights to sleep after take off his hat. At that time, the community of young shave my head is not very recognized, these young men joked; water guys groom. Because of this, I, as party activists, in fact, had to be able to cover the head of the mask.
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