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June 27 [Thu], 2013, 15:40
"Nike, Umbra is sold, but we didn't know as agents, informed sources in fact media coverage. In addition sold from Umbra soon after nike free run Umbra Chinese authorities took a series compensated staff severance Scattered, nobody then follow up with our co-operation, there's no cope with the aftermath. "June 24, Zhengzhou Unicorn Culture and Sports activities Advancement Co., Ltd. (referred to as" Zhengzhou Unicorn ") while in the up coming general manager Wang Jun.By reporters stated. June 30, soon after signing with nike free run 2 Umbra agent contract will expire several, but lots of stock and threat loss permitted reconciled, some agents said they'd rush to Shanghai, and on behalf of Nike UmbroNegotiation of compensation management problems. On this regard, Nike reply, stated: "Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. Umbra China Income in June six, 2012 which continues to be notified in writing fellow dealers to promote issues To help every single pertinent by Umbra brand nike free dealers to improve the working circumstances, and promote company improvement, Umbra China started in July 2012 to assist the dealer handling subsequent operational issues. "

While the other agent, mentioned Wang Jun, by no means obtained any written discover. Helpless Dealer, Now thinks of it, was also the brand nike high tops acquired Umbra speculation! But we fancy the dealer would be the influence from the nike high tops shoes brand is acknowledged only to do Umbra dealer." You will find Qingdao Grand Sports Stationery Limited (called "Qingdao grand") head very angry. As Umbra agent in Qingdao, Qingdao grand contract coming to an end, but there are tens of countless inventories, which permitted the man or woman in nike high tops uk charge headache. "We usually are not authorized cannot continue operating in buying malls, but resistance Grams have in no way gave us Iconic get in touch with info. We began in 1998 with all the then Umbra Higher distribution business days chasing Sporting Goods Company Ltd, Nike was later closed

Soon after purchase, we heard that Nike's team to perform, and my heart really content that nike air force 1 is an worldwide brand, which can be certainly good to the development of our brand. But did not consider this is the end. "The Zhengzhou nike air Unicorn from June 2011 contacts Nike.the time of make contact with with Nike Umbra salesman, decided to dedicate." Wang said. According to Wang statistics, in September 2011 started to become reloaded nike air force every one of the outlets, has opened a new store reloading 6, invested more than 80 million renovation charges, then in March 2012 and reinstall 3.
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