August 27 [Wed], 2008, 6:04

i moved my blog! =D

sigh 2 

August 27 [Wed], 2008, 5:49
i am gna have a hair cut !!!

like,like, i jus decided !!

i wna cut my hair short !!

i wna have bob hair style !! weehee cant wait cant wait =)

well, well,

i hav mixed feelings about my bf.
i guess i should be happy tat i successfully convinced him in a way tat, u know, u can easily imagine.
the typical bf saying wna break up we dun match we cant get along yadayadayada n typical gf saying no i dun wan i cant agree wit tat how the heck u wan me to simply accpet it ilurrveu like hell blablabla.


apparently, this happens like most of the time when we argue.

n ya, most of the time i can convince him not to break up.

hmm.. i do stop him cuz i know tat he's not meaning it at all.
knowing wat kind of person he is, even, in case he regrets breakin up wit me, he will never ever never never never never ask me back.
he has such a high ego...sigh i hate man wit high ego.

but then i came to think like....

"wat if he's really meaning it, but he cant break up cuz of me??"

of course, if i know he's meaning it i can accept it as a reality.

but i do stop him cuz i know he is not meaning it.

but if he does?

im starting to think of it, n getting tad horrified.


........... but if we dont argue, this breaking up thing wont come up.
n i feel tat our relationship is getting better, well, at least on arguement side.
we had time where we used to argue 3 times a week,
but now has gone less to once a month. (hahaha)
i do wish that he is the most suitable guy ever, n i believe in that,
but do really matching-sweet-lovely-couple fight this a lot like we do?


truth is, im getting really a little tired frm all these emotional ups and downs.
fighting needs a lot of enerygy, it demands my brain to work hard whether to say this or not to say out, it requires me to be patient which i'm seriously not capable of,


it really hurts me whenever he ask me to break up wit him.
when will he ever stop this bad habit?
or is he really willing to do so?

i hope he needs me as much as i do.
baby, we hav such a nice thing going on.
how can u ruin it and give this up? :(

or am i really that bad girlfriend.

tats why, i think i am a horrible person.


August 26 [Tue], 2008, 23:23
things r left untreated.

wats wrong wit him n "break up break up" disease?

does he even mean it each time when he says so?

this really hurts a lot.
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