やる気!!! It's easy! 

2008年10月02日(木) 7時14分
.........not for me.

数学が嫌いです。 (−_−怒)

Where am I gonna need algebra for GRAPHIC DESIGN? SRSLY.

Ugggh, and ART HISTORY. IT'S A FREAKIN' YAWNFEST. But I need that for my major so I might as well suck it up.  ̄Д ̄ =3 ハァ

And on that note I'm going to work on my math quiz. Which I hate.


2008年09月29日(月) 7時16分
LULZ. I almost forgot I even had this blog. Ummmm....I'm gonna try and update it. Yessiree Bob.

So, I guess I'll start by introducing myself. :D My name is Kimberly, but on the internetz I usually go by Kimi. I'm 21 years old. My birthday is June 28, 1987. I'm 5'1" and 90 pounds. No, this is no joke. :P I'm from America (despite what my last.fm says; that was a joke <3). I'm African-American. I'll give you a minute to absorb that. I live in the state of Louisiana, and I am currently attending Louisiana State University. I like Japanese music. A lot. I also like using Photoshop. And eating food. And watching offensive TV. Family Guy FTW. I have been to Japan. It was three years ago. And I had a great time. I would like to go back soon.

Now in Japanese!

名前: キンバリー
ニックネーム: キミ
年齢: 21歳
誕生日: 1987年06月28日
高さ: 155cm
重さ: 41kg
民族: アフリカ系米国人
祖国: 米国
出生地: ルイジアナ州バトンルージ市
大学: ルイジアナ州立大学
日本に行きましたが素晴らしかった〜〜〜! V(○⌒∇⌒○)
また日本へ行きたいん。 y( ̄ー ̄)y

As you can tell, my Japanese is fail.

There's some stuff I have to do but I don't feel like doing it. BLARRRRGH. And what else?

...I got my KINGDOM TOUR DVD in the mail on Friday. I took pictures of it but my computer's SD reader doesn't wanna cooperate Also, please excuse my sidebar picture. I have WAAAAAY better pictures than that, but again, the card reader.

Ummm...I has run out of things to say. Like I said, I'm gonna try to be more diligent in updating this thing. Feel free to leave a comment!


2008年02月29日(金) 3時03分

Now I have a Yaplog!

I had an Ameblo...for like ten minutes. AHAHAHA, I'm terrible.

I'm gonna try to update this thing regularly...yeah, like I update everything ELSE regularly. *is beginning to wish she hadn't done two blogcrews at once*

Hmmmm...not much else to say here...I's just sittin' here listening to music...hopefully I can figure out what to do without too much trouble...blast me and my sparse Japanese. (_ _|||)

No picture at the moment...too lazy to upload one at the moment. AHAHAHA.

Blarrrrgh...I'mma go now XD I hope I got some shinies in the mail today! If this is annoying my mom she isn't saying anything. :D

  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:La Kinbarii
  • アイコン画像 性別:女性
  • アイコン画像 誕生日:1987年6月28日
  • アイコン画像 血液型:A型
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