emperor of Tang fruit leaf will

January 05 [Sat], 2013, 12:56
So in the surrounding people surprised eyes, leaf Emperor Tang fruit tightly in his arms, a long time before slowly release."Idiot, do not know their own strength big ah, I want to strangle."Lightly beat leaf emperor, Tang fruit annoyed about a sentence."What, but I didn't force."Ye Huang scraped the Tang fruit nose shamelessly tract."I don't care, you let me chest hair is suffocative, you lose me.""Who let us home if there is too big?"Josh, leaf Huangyou is kissed each other on the forehead."Three words away your old job, not a decent."A blushing, Tang Guopao leaves Huangyi health ball and pocket and took out ten yuan of money on the table and then pulls out leaves the hand toward not far from a home repair luxurious restaurants to.Already just Tang fruit action moved in a complete mess leaves the natural there won't be any objections.Don't go to restaurant to eat, even if is the founding emperor feast as long as leaves to do today, he will promise.After entering the restaurant, two people on the street side of the lounge sat down, Tang fruit several Yanjing local s è dish is no longer something.Leaf Huangze is a nothing.Two people in the restaurant to eat after is snuggled way out of the restaurant, looked down the fruit is very satisfied."Do you know why I eat wonton, but also eat Chinese food Women's Canada Goose Dawson?"On the shoulders of Tang fruit leaves some nifty tipped his head look to the leaf crown to look directly into his eyes and asked."Is it right? Want to say a couple should be the same trouble, should also be with a rich?Rest assured, we are all the crimson pearl grass with the boulder, waiting for the millennium, is always inseparable."Then, leaf Huangyou cannot help the parent of a Tang fruit.In North, South Tang fruit have children even jealousy blowing shells can be broken skin, really do not know why God so love the girl."Oh, why always guess, not funny at all."Hear ye Huangyi got it in her to express the meaning, Tang fruit is not, beating leaves the chest is very angry."Husband smart ah, ah you want, my wife is a clever girl, I have just a little bit smarter than you how could you fooling?No, not at all.Nonsense.I was not deceived, I is to be most willing to."With pursed lips, Tang Guo says."Is......You be most willing to, first think of a plane detonation I, is it right??"Lobe being emperor expose lies, Tang fruit not by big shame.As Ye Huang said Timberland Euro Dub, Tang fruit in the first saw when he leaves the emperor to no good impression, opposite to that of the two people because of some trifles disappear bucket general turmoil.If not trip to Africa, two may be two people in the world.Two people in the street at a final imperceptibly, go to The Dynasty Hotel in front of."Love, we are home, or go to a hotel?"I don't know. The choice is yours alone.Although today, Tang fruit and together with Ye Huangni's decision, but he asked, the girl still bear, turn over to ignore each other directly.Leaf Huangze is Hei hei laugh, and then to pull each other's hands into a hotel timberland cheap.To a room would be with Tang fruit went in."Fruit, we like is in carry on a clandestine love affair?"Rooms, leaf Emperor Tang fruit to pounce on a soft bed, smiling asked."You can carry on a clandestine love affair, that's really good."At the moment of the Tang fruit directly from the face red dye to the delicate neck, even the breath is short of many, whispered protested."The great aunt didn't come?Otherwise the husband to cry."Then, leaf emperor also made a face."Smelly asshole, you know ask."The girl put his head over lifetime in shy to speak.Suddenly, the man is suddenly out of bed, surprised, she cried out.Until she came just in time to see the leaf crown holding her walk to the bathroom."Oh, why do you ah, I have not take off clothes, wet what."Beating the leaf crown back, Tang fruit for leaf emperor's practical joke some dissatisfaction tract."All right, be husband personally give you undress."With a strange smile, emperor of Tang fruit leaf will hold the president huge bath.
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