Happy New Year! 

2010年01月01日(金) 0時04分

I wish you a happy new year!

Merry X-Mas! 

2009年12月25日(金) 6時00分

Merry X-Mas!!!

New Layout for MiruDex~ 

2009年06月18日(木) 21時19分
Yatta~! XD

It's done~
I made two other Layouts before, but I doesn't like them..
but this one is soo cool~ ^^ I love it~

Do you like it too?

Sorry, that I don't wrote for such a long time~



2009年01月31日(土) 18時23分
Today is my Birthday! ^^
I hope it will be a good day ^^

first presento!!!
its from YilA-san~ ^^
thank you soooooo much!!!
I love the doll...it is showing Ryuuji...so kawaii~ (cute)


I'm soooooo sorry!!!! >.< 

2009年01月13日(火) 5時45分
It's so long time ago, since i wrote the last time... sumimasen! >.<
but now i wrote XD better to late, then never XD


first~ I have a new Layout at my German Blog!
And I have a New Layout at my Myspace-Site!

Please wrote comments, how do you like them!!!! *want to know it*

And the Pictures you see from me on the Layouts are from a Shooting I made last Weekend with Saeba (thx!).
And I have a new Hair-Cut!!!!!! *happy* XD It's the same haircut like Ryuuji!!! yah~ XD and it's made by an japanese hair-cuter

So...I want to made a New Layout for this Blog too, but first I must find out, how I can change a Layout by Yaplog XD

So.....you will see, when something happend! XD


long long time ago 

2008年11月08日(土) 23時37分
Yah XD so much time is left, since i wrote XD""
I'm so sorry ^^""
I had so much to do because of school and I miss japan so much >.<""

I don't do so much in germany...
since 3 months I have school (I'm in the 12.grade).
I must do so much homeworks and other things for school, so that i don't find much time for other things u.u

In my holydays I sew a Lolita-Dress for myself.

I like it. I hope for some comments!

Germany is sooooo boring~
I want to come back to japan, but i don't know how i can go back u.u

Maybe I wrote something in the next time!

Thanks for reading ^^


sorry >.< 

2008年03月30日(日) 13時49分
I am so sorry that i forget to wrote so a long time, but i am so lazy to wrote in english XD so when you want to know what is happening in japan than you must lern german and look at my german blog XD http://blog.mirudex.com
I am soooooo sorry~! XD


Hey!!!! XD 

2008年03月16日(日) 16時25分
Yah~! *lol*
Today was so cool~!
I was in Harajuku (and after that in Shinjuku XD).
But Harajuku was soooo great~
They have all what you want
Its like a dream~
And the best thing!
They have WONKA chocolate

It´s sooooooo cool~~~~!
And I made some cakes!

The first was not so perfekt, because i don´t had so much cream XD But it was a heart-cake~!

And the last I show you the Kids! ^^

They are so sweet!
The names are Amelie, Fiama & Gaja!

So more on my German-Blog! XD *to lazy to wrote it in english* XD



2008年03月02日(日) 13時56分
yah yesterday was so cool.
i was in akihabara, harajuku and shinjuku and it was so cool *.*

but first XD pleast comments in english! XD i don't understand japanese (i understand only a little bit but not much XD). so please english! XD

okay...and than XD some guys speak to me and they been hosts. One of them was so cute >o
Better wrote in german XD but in english its to much for me *lol*


yah~~~! XD 

2008年02月27日(水) 20時32分
wow i'm in japan! ^^
im not realy here, because i speak all the time german with the family, where i live and so i think i can't be realy in japan XD
i see the nice asian people and the japanese-signs, but i don't freak out XD
i had bye some magazines for me and cds ^O^
now i live in roppongi, but on the 8th of march we move to meguro :D i like roppongi, its big and famous, but meguro is better for drive with the train XD because here in roppongi i must change the train one time to come to shibuya. and two times, to come to harajuku. And in meguro i can drive with the same to both XD

when you have questions or something, then wrote a comment :D it would be nice!

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