January 11 [Mon], 2016, 22:59
I found the picture of the person i had been in love with for a few years. Im so wonder why i loved that person as i already knew that he had a gf who he really adored. When i looked at the picture and i thought he was hot and asked my mom " Hey, u remember him ??" and showed her his picture on my cell phone. She said "Ohhhh, yeah, i do. so what's up with him ? think about it , did he grow a little?" Mom said. " ...really? ...yes, i guess?" i said. He is tall and his haith is like over 185cm. I didn't ask him but i can say it. Honestly.

I like him. I can't say that i fall for him and love him but i like him. what is the differences between like and love. The sound of like make me feel that the feeling is so one sided and so selfish, possession, not so strong and that's because the one i only valued is myself, not the other. Love, my piece, not the other but a part of me. Together, together and together.

I like him because i just thought that it would be so nice if i could going out with someone so hot like him but i do not care about his life include his relationship with his gf or something.

Then why i do not love people instead of like. First, now i do not looking for my part as i do feel self-relianse. Second, im coward that im afraid losing it with my whole body. I have not prepared yet. Third, there are some people around me who i really love. my parents and gm and my childhood's best friends. Actually i always feel to be fulled with thier love and i also love them in return.

The reason why i mention about him today was because i saw him yesterday and also found his picture today and he looked hotter than other day. For me, i go to the school which only girls attend and regarded as one of the famouse high school so the teacher push thier students to study hard. I do not have much time to think what the person think of me something like that. So i just had a interesting about him for a while.

Then, after i graduated high school, i mean i passed the exam which would be the most important exam in my life, i guess, and if i could ran into him somewhere again, i might have a chat. Because it is the destiny.
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