Is it what "friend" stand for!? 

May 24 [Thu], 2007, 21:45
Everthing you touch, become a mess!!
Be honest, I have no responabilty to serve you
It is no reason to help you for anything just because I think you are ny friend
But how you treat me?? Am I your maid??
When you have not money I need to give all my money to you??
And when you feel boring I need to give up things that Iam doing
and be your clown to kill your time?
I need to talk wiith you about your stupid things even till 3:00AM!?
And the mistake you make I need to fix it right!?
So where are you when I am alone??
Where are you when I feel sad??
What you do when I am in trouble??!!
Get out of my life if you are not my friend!!

bad mood 

May 24 [Thu], 2007, 0:57
I really have a bad mood now...
dunno why but just feeling everthing is going worse

It's me 

May 12 [Sat], 2007, 20:28
I forgot to post my photo yesterday....
Is it really matter how I look like!? (> <)
Nevermind, I will post it today...

about this photo....
I took it afer I had my hair cut...
Although its quality is not so good, I just like it
Maybe because I was very happy at that time* (^^)
It's me, no other ones else, it's real me*

My friend asked me...should her uses English to give comments....
Well....I don't mind about that....
Just you like (^^)
No need to care about it,
because I am just practicing English
But will anyone really leave a comment to me!? (>_<")
Of couse if there has any mistake of my grammar you would like to point it out
No need to hesitate, just do it!!
You are welcomed to do that*

About me 

May 12 [Sat], 2007, 0:55
Some friends told me that I should introduce myself first....
As you know my name is Mio Chiba
I'm a student studying in the high school
My favourite idol is w-inds. especially Ryohei*
He is so cool that his dance attract me the most
And of couse, I like him since he is handsome*
Many people said I look like him but I think they are just Kidding although I really feel happy about it....(^^)
I always bring my Ipod with me wherever I go
For me, it really is "no music no life"


May 08 [Tue], 2007, 22:37
Why you are always being so mean to me?
I guest it won't be to hard to admire me....
Please don't just pay your attention on the only subject I fail....
How about my improvement?
What I need is a warm hug....with love and care...
It's really hurt when those words came out from your mouth....

Now I can understand those killed by themselves
and those kill the others with gun and knife...
I have the same feeling with then at this moment....

Life is hard 

May 07 [Mon], 2007, 0:05
It's awalys trouble me about the money and time....
can someone teach me how can I manage them well?
Make a list and timetable?
No, it seems not work to me...
Just want some solutions which suitable for me....
Life is hard, ya, really hard.....
Problems we need to face are too much...
We are just a little human being....

I always feel disappointed
How can I meet you?
How can I see you again??
You know, it's really hard to forget you...

My new blog 

May 06 [Sun], 2007, 15:30
It is my new blog~
I would like to share something which is really hard to tell here...
maybe about friendship, schoolwork, pressure or something like that...
Just a way to express my TRUE feeling...
I will try just to use English to type my post
Hope you guys won't complain about my bad English (>.<")

It all for today, maybe I would continue later ....
It's time for study....
Honestly it is driving me crazy....
How can I study all before June....
.....nothing can I do but working hard...
God Bless me!!!
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