after read the <the mysteryof life on other planets> 

March 03 [Fri], 2006, 0:57
today i read a slip book
it intersting and make i have known a lot of things about the Unives
it talks about the aliens,the Solar Systerm,the ways make creature alive - sometimes we called it 'habitable zone'.
the history of the earth,the begining of human being,ect.
and the people who claim that has seen the UFOs(unidentified flying object)
it make the people crazy and always fellow it
and i think it is the reason why people like to watch the movie

yesterday my diray was be deleted 

March 01 [Wed], 2006, 21:02
yesterday i want to update my blog
and write a lot of things about the novel,the camera and Dad would go to Beijing
but when i set it
the net was broken
and all of it lost
-----------------i am a clever line by mint-----------------
today i go to Xinjiekou with YangLe
buy some books and eat something from Koera
it not unexpencive but so delicious
and i give a icecream to Yang for ChenJing who was not go to buy a gym cards
-----------------i am a clever line by mint-----------------
someone said that we will sure got the Box about KATTUN
although it will cost me ¥550
but i think it what i want!

Ok~i will do my CAD about the desgin
i hate Mr.Gao~
his idea is so ....... fool and out! >_<

my computer has the mistakes 

February 28 [Tue], 2006, 2:25
maybe in the printshop,i got some 'mistakes'
they made my PC strange sometime and it always stop at the begining
in that time i can only see the wallpaper about my dear UEDA but i cannot move my mouse a little T-T

now i use the Kaspersky to delete the mistakes,and i think i am the lucky girl^^
just now,my classmate tell me that the score of CET6 will out today
she said she could not be to sleep and will turn left and right all the night
Oh~i think i had forgetten this thing!donot notice me!! >_<

i want to sleep a few letter
and this place is the first place i donot want people come in
if you enter
please leave you ID
it's the God Think!

the change of my background 

February 27 [Mon], 2006, 17:52
the beautiful wallpaper
like the rose,the girl,the flower.
therefore it can be wrote English only,i deside put something about my TOEFL on it.
do something it can do ^^

some wirting,some words,and some A&Q
do something best!
and try my best

i am so sorry that i cannot write the Chinese T_T 

February 27 [Mon], 2006, 16:30
now is on my lesson~smiling~
the teacher is very strict and boring!
i think i must do lots of TOEFL artical and test!
but i do not want to do that ~

in there
i must write in english
OK~i will try my best~wait for me
after TOEFL i am sure that my english will be better!
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