It's hard to think of a タイトル for this one =P 

January 04 [Fri], 2008, 4:15
T2na ma teen vahelduseks yhe eesti keelse sissekande, kahjuks kuna see jaapani lehekylg vihkab t2pit2hti siis ma pean kirjutama nii teiste t2hem2rkidega nagu veits alaarenenud reidi teismeline. Aga jah mulle ei meeldi nii kirjutamine tegelikult, kuid pole hullu. Niisiis! T2na teeks ma veits lyhema blogi, sest ma olen suht v2sinud, mul oli t2na suht palju igast tegemisi. Aga p6him8tteliselt k8ik vajaliku sai tehtud, esmasp2eval pean ma veel yht saatekirja sebima jms. Uute elanike plaan lykkus veits edasi, nii et mitte homme. Homme saan ma aga uue toreda(loodetavasti =D) soengu... See on suht p8nev. Ja homme on t88p2ev... kuni esmaspäevani ja siis teisipäeval kooli. Vaheaeg l2bi siis! I have to say in a way I feel more comfortable typing in english just cos I'm more used to it probably and maybe cos of the t2pit2hed.Sometimes what I say seems weirder to me when it's in But I suppose that's my weirdness not the weirdness of the language nevermind. Oh and the pic for today is just a random pic of somereally badass japanese nail art. I'd like to be able to create something like that. ...need to buy some stuff =P Anyway I love the transparent look with sequins and stuff.

A longer introduction 

January 03 [Thu], 2008, 6:47
I discovered that I can add these little adorable thingies. Näide and and there are like lots and lots of other ones. Vägagi かわいい Sothis one is gonna be a longer blog entry as the title says. I have quite a bit of stuff to do online tonight and I have to do some organizing on what I have to do tomorrow and after that and värki. OK so to get to the intro!
I want to keep up this blog for at least a year, just cos I like to take on little projects and this seems like a cool one. I love how cute this blog looks. Very cute. When I saw this layout I knew I had to start a blog =P So far I've been doing well, I haven't missed a day. Yay! (look a chick) Hopefully I won't miss too many entries in the future. Eks näis. Niisiis I'm kinda thinking I'll write this in 3 languages. Now it's pretty much only been in English but I'll have some variety mingi aeg. So that's my project. And it's kinda cool that the year has just begun and this year will bring lots and lots of changes. That kinda makes for an interesting blog. Tho I don't want to write here about everything, I won't write here about most things going on in my head and in my life but it'll just be a little daily summary of casual stuff I've been up to and feel like sharing. Yep that's a nice way to put it. =P And I'll also post a pic daily.
lol I got kinda distracted looking at foreign foods online and now I don't feel that inspired to write anymore but I still have some things I wanna say.
Tomorrow will be a busy day for me, I'll go to check out gloves on Keskturg to see which ones to sell in Jarve. (as a sidenote,this website hates tapitahed) Btw a pic of me w/gloves in the backround, lol, took it at work today. Woo I'm platinum. I finished a movie today (cute face) It's a scary one. It'll be up on youtube tomorrow. Minu arust on see täiega meelelahutuslik nagu meie SuicideFun Productionsgi =P Here's a link to my channel page Oo another thing I wanted to mention is that on Friday(it's Wednesday we(mom and I) will likely get a little addition to our em.. family. Not like that. But like Helina+baby. For quite a while, should be interesting. On a random note ... =P Ever since my holiday food orgies food is less appealing. yep randomness. Tomorrow I'll get a free cake from Hansapank, Frens Catering makes some really good stuff btw. Should be tasty (wish I had a drooling emoticon, but here's a random cute one , looks sweet, ice cream prolly .heh. hm. I'll go contacts hunting tomorrow and work towards getting my 4 teeth pulled out. That's a long, boring topic. Anesthesia is a dream. again a bit of randomness, maybe not that random but jaaa. And I'll go tsillima Viru Keskuses like the cool kids hahahaha. I think the late night is getting the best of me, making me weird and random, time to stop and go and do another blog entry homme! Oo also I'll get 2 small gold plated barbells tomorrow and to whoever is reading I'll let you think about what for. irw. cos I'm just secretive like that. yea..... Bye Bye!!

PS. what does this resemble? --->

It's a new year. HAPPY 2008 WOO!!! And it's a first this year. heh. 

January 02 [Wed], 2008, 9:36
It's really late. Like 3 in the morning or at night. I prefer öösel actually. I wanted to do this blog entry before going to bed cos it's my little project thingy but more on that later. =P Tomorrow I should have time for an XXL lol. hm anyway I'm more platinum than ever before.. blonde that is.. very blonde and very platinum my hair is harassed and looks fried. not that I mind I did it myself. heh. So I cut the ends a bit and I'll stop with the bleach for a little while. Then it's back to harassing it big time. I'm quite loving the no pigmentation,canvas kinda look at the moment. Here's a pic in color. It's looking pretty pretty white and er pretty. I like.
Hm so on another subject. I'll go to work tomorrow. Did a little thinking, might work until the end of January. Would be cool to buy some pretty stuff without using my UK funds. =P I want a haircut and a big hat(lol), nail stuff . Also I want to order sugarcane and tapioca off ebay but I might not use my own cash for that. Eks näis. jaaaa.
OO me and Helina made a movie last night. Not that kind. A scary one. (=P) Will be up soon! This is it for today. Btw lucid dreaming is something really interesting (just as a random thought to end this with. I wanna write more on that some other time). OKI BYE BYE!!

New Years!! 

January 01 [Tue], 2008, 1:40
So today is the 31st. Right now I have time for a longer blog entry so here it goes =P Today as been quite ok. hm. my hair is lighter. quite a bit lighter. I harassed it with 2 boxes of peroxide last night and I bought 2 new boxes today. So I'll continue the harassment until I get it to be platinum. I'm not even too sure anymore about how cool it'll look but I'll just keep frying my hair and see how it goes. I got a bit of cash today, went to a lovely pawn shop =P That's like pointlessness, suht mõttetus. Including some other random crap I had an electric guitar and an amp that I bought for 5000EEK a few years ago, now I got like 1000EEK for it =/ jaaaaa.... but whatevers I got to spend some cash and buy stuff I needed without spending my own
Me and Helina made some little vids. =P More on that some other time.
My last day at work probably wasn't my last day at work. =/
I want the holidays to be over so I can get my ordered stuff by mail and get contacts and my teeth pulled out. lol. Another time I'm looking forward to is April! ...... =D yay!
I need a job for the summer, where I can get away and get some cash =P That's it for now. SoI guess this is it for 2007. hm. weird. I'll go out to see fireworks at midnight. Should be kinda meelelahutuslik. ByeBye.

Almost New Years! 

December 31 [Mon], 2007, 0:45
Today is my last day at work! Yay =) Tomorrow is New Years and again I'm chilling at Järve with gloves and Helina. I'll make this another short one but I've noticed people on here like posting pics of food =P So here is me,Helina and a Twix bar! =D

@ Blog Entry 

December 30 [Sun], 2007, 0:58
So this is my first blog on here! I'm gonna keep it short for now. I'm at work now with Helina! Selling pretty gloves =P I'll add more to this later on.. like tomorrow or midagi. And a plittle on my plans.. This thing here,my blog, is gonna be in 3 languages. I just discovered Yaplog like 3 days ago and it's looking very かわいい!! ok this is it for now!! bye bye
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